November 28, 2020

Perhaps you’ve been traveling for business for years. Even so, you may still find the experience to be stressful no matter where you travel—from Boston to Los Angeles or Denver. An aspect of the travel experience that may especially stress you out is determining where to live, especially if you’ll be handling a long-term project. Brian Ferdinand, a leading travel and business expert, recently explained in an article why many business travelers are choosing corporate housing as their accommodation option.


According to Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of CorpHousing Group, many business travelers choose hotels. However, the hotel experience can make you feel disconnected you’re your destination city. In addition, if you’ll be staying in the hotel for multiple weeks, you may end up feeling a little stir crazy sooner or later.

Due to these drawbacks of hotels, it may behoove you to choose housing in luxury apartment buildings over hotels going forward. The benefit of staying in a luxury apartment in the city is that you can enjoy a more local, relaxed, and personal experience as a result. These luxury accommodations are available through today’s leading corporate housing providers.


A core advantage of using leading corporate housing firms over hotels is that these firms’ units are at least double the sizes of the hotel rooms located in their areas. As a result, you can expect a quality unit to come with a full desk workspace along with a dedicated dining area and full-sized kitchen.

In addition, you’ll have ample space to unpack your clothes and additional belongings and store these items in easy-to-access spots. You often cannot do this in hotel rooms, which are known for feeling more cluttered. All in all, the extra space and furnishings that come with corporate housing units will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Plus, if you wish, you can even bring your children or spouse with you on your business trip, as you’ll all have the elbow room you crave to live comfortably.

Note that when you’re not working at your unit’s desk, and if you don’t feel like cooking in your unit’s kitchen one day, you can easily order food via Uber Eats and DoorDash. Then, you can spread out and enjoy your meal in your unit, according to Brian Ferdinand. Afterward, you’ll continue to have plenty of space to binge-watch your favorite Netflix show or even prepare yourself for an enjoyable night out.