Caroline Sturken – Staying Safe with Body Massages During the Pandemic

December 2, 2020

Is it safe for you to go in for a full-body massage during the times of Covid-19? This is a question that both men and women are unsure of when they feel like de-stressing with holistic massages at the spa or at home. Now, remember when you are opting for a massage, you will need to contact the masseur for the task. This does not mean you should ignore the thought altogether even though your body pains a lot, but with adequate precautions and safety measures, you are able to ensure an infection-free body massage with success.

 Caroline Sturken-How can you get a safe body massage during the Pandemic

Caroline Sturken from San Diego in California is an expert in massage therapy. She loves to share her knowledge with others on how to naturally de-stress and be healthy via her social media pages. She educates people on all the safety protocols they should take when it comes to getting a home massage done, especially during Covid-19. A major part of her job is to educate clients on the right ways to stretch their body muscles for alleviating fatigue and strain.

Guidelines by the American Massage Therapy Association, CDC, and The Occupational Safety and Health Administration

When it comes to undergoing a body massage during these unpredictable times, she says that the American Massage Therapy Association, also known in short as AMTA, has laid down some specific guidelines to help people get safe massages without fear of infections. This body is the largest association that is non-profit in nature of massage therapists. It gives you some valuable information on its site so that massage studios and other companies in the field of health and wellness can keep their clients safe.


Besides the above, the sanitation recommendations issued by the CDC and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also lay down some salient guidelines that help you to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic with a de-stressing body massage. They have been listed below-


  • Objects that clients touch and all communal areas in the massage studio and rooms should be cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized as per WHO and CDC guidelines.
  • Personal protection tools and equipment like gloves, masks, and face shields must be used.
  • Proper handwashing hygiene must be practiced.
  • Appointments should be spaced out in such a way to allow intervals for sanitization between clients. Proper social distancing must be practiced and maintained at all times.
  • The cancellation policy must be created so that clients can cancel their appointments if they display signs of sickness or illness.
  • Make clients fill out personal forms before they attend their appointments.
  • Encourage clients to practice proper hand hygiene, space out their time, and always use protective gear like face masks, carry hand sanitizers, etc.

As per Caroline Sturken before you book an appointment with your massage studio, you must call them up to ensure they are practicing the safety protocols listed above. The masseurs should ensure the place is disinfected well before you arrive, and the massage room opened for ventilation and airflow to pass through for optimal safety.