Is LASIK Suits For Everyone?

June 16, 2021


Today, most of the opthamologist recommended lasers in many surgical procedures. Many people nowadays don’t like to wear eyeglasses or want to dump their eyeglasses. So for that reason most of opthamologist suggest to their patients LASIK. However, while many people are suitable for laser eye surgery, there are also some people whom it may not be appropriate for.  LASIK surgery cost in India ( is in your budget.

Unsuitability For A LASIK Eye Surgery

There are some points that one of them are related to you guys than you are not suitable for you:-

  • Under the age of 20:- in the age of 20 or under, your prescription is most likely changing and this is purely normal before give you a suggestion for LASIK surgery the surgeons want to ensure that your prescription has not changed for at least 12 months (or a year) before surgery this thing arise in every 2nd individual who in under 20. The prescription must be stable for at least one year; this is an important criteria for LASIK candidacy. So due to unstable vision prescription doctors recommended to get LASIK surgery after 20. So you have to be patient and wait until your prescription has stabilised. Once your prescription is stable you can get the LASIK surgery.


  • After the age of 40:– After the age of 40 the major problem that arises in eyes is near vision problem (called presbyopia). This is purely a natural part of This problem can affect our eyes so badly this is why a person finds it more difficult to read close-up items. After the age of 40 this problem presbyopia affects the eyes most due to this the laser blended vision is suitable for them.


  • If you have eye disorders:- if you guys have some other issues related to your health then LASIK is not suitable for you guys. People who have lupus or who have a family history of keratoconus could be more prone to complications with LASIK surgery. If you guys are suffering from diabetes or any other health issues then you can’t get the LASIK if the problem is minor than you could get the LASIK. So before making any decision you have to consult with any experienced opthamologist who can easily tell you whether or not you are qualified for a laser vision correction procedure.


  • Refractive errors:- if any patient has a very high level of myopia then the LASIK may not be recommended because any person who has this kind of issue is not a good candidate for LASIK or LASIK surgery are not suitable for you.

Suitability For Vision Correction

Suitability for LASIK surgery has some criteria like you must have prescription stability for more than one year. You should complete the age of 20s and not more than 40s. If you don’t have any health issues or family history then LASIK suits you.  you can get your LASIK surgery in Delhi (visualaidscentre).