Silencil Reviews Does it Silence Tinnitus for Real

November 23, 2020

Little is known about the dietary supplement’s actual founder, but he goes the name of Henry Sanders. They have been allegedly an investigation analyzer for a famous drug company for the past 25 years now. According to his accounts, they have already worked with some of the world’s most renowned doctors and healthcare specialists Silencil. He had tinnitus out of the blue and began researching journals and publications related to his condition.

After a long time of research, he concluded the following facts. He said that his findings got him to brain inflammation. It led him to formulate a therapy that precisely targets that. He had aid from another doctor, Doctor. Thomas Peterson, allegedly a genius from the Prometheus Society, a financial institution similar to MENSA. They collaborated, and thus Silencil was born.

When Did Silencil Start?

While there are no exact dates to tell you when Silencil started, the research is asked have started two years ago, in 2018. Meanwhile, the journals and research they collated were from five years and below only, giving the product an edge in recent research.

Silencil was born because one research analyzer struggled against tinnitus. It is a condition where your ears start calling unexplainably. It is a mental health issue and this man, named Henry Sanders, took it upon himself to find the root cause through extensive research that she made with his colleague, Doctor. Thomas Peterson. It sounds cliché, but you get why there is Silencil. Of course, I will leave it to you if you want to believe it. I am just sharing what I know about the product itself.

How does Silencil Work?

Each bottle of Silencil consists of 30 capsules. It is said that one bottle has already been a 30-day supply, so we can conclude that the recommended dosage of Silencil is one tablets per day. Go above that recommended dosage, and you could experience several side effects from the 28 ingredients inside one tablets of Silencil.