3 different styles of wrapping paper that Rowan Atkinson would be really proud of


Hooray! December 1st is over and Christmas trees across the country are decked out in bay windows and entrances, waiting for a stack of deliciously wrapped gifts to adorn their base (why does that sound dirtier than intended …) Day itself officially begins. And while the trickier “What in the world can I buy Uncle Steve’s meat and two veggies” may have been resolved after the Black Friday sale, the next age-old question of how to package these goodies may still have to be decided will. Channeling Kirstie Allsopp à la Handmade Christmas is the goal, but mostly the perfect winding technique and Issuing without breaking the bank or adding more trash than necessary at Christmas is a trickier task than expected.

Pinterest searches for gift wrapping techniques have increased 2.4 times over the past year, meaning the stakes are higher than ever for a style of packaging that is both exciting and complimenting your home’s festive decor. If you’re looking for inspiration before wrapping the gifts for your loved ones this season, our three most popular wrapping styles are just the thing to give away Actually is love Rowan Atkinson is running for his money …

Flowery and botanical

Whether you’re a die-hard Christmas lover looking for something different this year, or looking forward to the always gorgeous spring season instead, a floral packaging theme is sure to spark a reaction this Christmas Day. Beautifully feminine and strong in its color scheme, this wrap style serves Kew Gardens, Japanese Cherry Blossom and a

Cottage core greenhouse all mixed up, sounds divine, right ?! One for the maximalists among us, the color palette of the theme includes all shades of pink in the world, shades of green from forest to sage, warmth from orange and yellow and darker accents in navy to balance out this feast for the eyes. To really embody this theme to the fullest, go to your local florist or grocery store before the big day and add real flower cutouts (we love chrysanthemums because they’re so cheap yet eye-catching) that pair with paper and Ribbon elements help to raise this topic to a whole new level.

While bold and beautiful wrapping paper does a really great job of creating an under the trees scene that Mother Nature herself would be just too proud to show off, maximalist packaging means more when it comes to adding the finishing touches, including bows , Stickers, sweet treats, and gift tags too. Ribbons can be reused and recycled year after year, making them the perfect way to add a sustainable but meaningful element to your gift wrap this season that doesn’t skimp on the wow factor.

Whether your home is a natural paradise for Christmas and beyond, or you just want to bring this botanical theme to life in your gift giving this year, your gifts are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd with this ultra feminine and indulgent style.

Retro & novelty

Sometimes the classics can be hard to beat and the retro-style packaging style is no exception to the rule! This theme is for the Christmas classic and revolves around bringing the traditional Christmas colors and prints to life with a novel twist, adding a certain Jene sais quoi to traditional striped or holly printed paper that may already be in your collection and add a new zest for life for Christmas 2021. Once again, this theme is all about maximizing the wow factor that additional accessories and details can turn into a gift, this time in the form of ribbons, pompoms and bells, perfect for both young and old old of your family and really offers something that everyone will see under the Christmas tree. Traditional Christmas colors feel right at home here, with shades of red, green, white, and gold making a strong case for the classic Christmas aesthetic that really never gets old. If it ain’t broken, why fix it!

When it comes to channeling the ultimate novelty fun with this wrap style the goal is to offer something new and out of the ordinary, which is why the inclusion of vintage scarves or cloth wraps as part of your Under the Tree style is an addition not to be missed should be Christmas time. Not only is this method of packaging a method that can suddenly make awkward shapes a breeze, it’s also a must-have in the zero waste movement, which aims to reduce your ecological footprint during indulgence time – something we are all of us are aware of disposable items such as wrapping paper. Known as furoshiki, these traditional Japanese square kerchiefs were designed for both packaging and transporting goods and were used as part of that culture for centuries before they were resurrected in modern life as the environmentally friendly method of gift wrapping. Now classic gift bags suddenly seem a bit boring in comparison …

Complete your gifts with a traditional striped candy cane and voila – you have completed your take on Christmas!

A Scandinavian dream

Neutral and minimalist lovers will be happy, we haven’t forgotten you! If brown packaging paper and a “less is more” approach are more your bag at Christmas, then the Nordic simplicity that we know and love in the world of interiors can also be carried over into your packaging world. The beautiful natural landscapes, snowy climate and forest flora, which are so synonymous with the beautiful Scandinavian world, are one of the simplest aesthetics to recreate in your home in 2021, starting with the classic parcel paper base decorated with accessories or shining in theirs Can be left simplest form under the tree. The Nordic style is a true celebration of the simplicity of a beautifully soft color palette that is sure to bring an element of calm to the Christmas cheer in your home, and brings the outdoors with a nod to nature that is all too welcome after the end of the day penned up Christmas that we saw in 2020.

For your own take on Scandinavian style, get some white brushes and brushes from your local art shop and apply your own leaf, holly, or abstract design on plain brown paper for a custom look that is guaranteed to make your gifts stand out other stands out. Evergreen clippings, strings, bells, dried fruit, and eucalyptus are must-have items when it comes to decorating your gifts, and all an affordable means of creating a packaging aesthetic that looks effortlessly chic without breaking the bank. Finish it off with a handwritten label and this year’s dream Christmas aesthetic is ready!

Wrapping 101 – It’s the details that count

Now you’ve decided on your dream packaging style for the gift season. Here are the top tips to make your gifts look really seamless:

  • A pair of sharp scissors for victory – gliding through the paper of your choice is not only a sensual pleasure, it also ensures the cleanest lines and gives your gifts the perfect finish.
  • For items with tricky corners or shapes that just don’t want to play with, crepe paper is the most forgiving of them all if you’re short on time, patience, or both.
  • Did you run out of wrapping paper at the last minute? We have you Grab an old glossy magazine that’s likely gathering dust in the corner and choose a patterned, colorful page to wrap small gifts or create homemade bows. Sustainable and unique – tick!
  • If you’re running low on ribbon or looking for eco-friendly brownie dots again, go to @beeandblooms TikTok account for this fascinating tape-free hack. Understanding. Blown.