5 Ways Instagram is Going to Increase Engagement in 2022 5 Ways Instagram is Going to Increase Engagement in 2022 – Latest Instagram Trends to Follow This Year


Instagram is the most widely used photo-sharing social media platform with hundreds of millions of users monthly. Statista announced expects that this number of users will increase up to 1.2 billion in 2023.

If you want your customers to find your business, admire your products, or recognize your brand, you should never overlook Instagram’s impressive appeal. Already have an Instagram account for your business? Find out how you can improve your engagement with Instagram this 2022.

Instagram is known for its fascinating features such as stories, Link Stickers, Favorites, parental controls, and carousel photos, to name a few. This 2022, your business must use these features in the best way possible to improve your online engagement.

Use Instagram Carousels

Why use traditional, boring photo albums to promote your products or services on Instagram when using Carousels. This feature lets you share a maximum of 10 photos, graphics, and videos. With a carousel, you’ll get more space to highlight your content. In addition, because you can use multiple types of media simultaneously, you’ll get maximum engagement per post.

With Instagram, businesses must be consistent and produce more posts daily to achieve their marketing goals. Through Instagram, Carousel businesses can double or triple their marketing efforts with multiple media per post.

Add Call to Action to Your Posts

Have you ever read an Instagram post that seems to be pulling you towards a sale? A post that’s so engaging you want to join right away? How is this possible when you hardly know the seller or the product? It’s all about using eye-catching captions PLUS call to action or CTA.

Using CTAs is one of the easiest and the most effective ways to improve your visitor engagement on Instagram. Without the risk, your audience should find high value in a good call-to-action statement. 

A caption with a CTA in question form is typical in marketing posts. But these are not just questions to create engagement. These must be genuine CTAs, something that’s relevant and interesting that your audience won’t feel obliged to answer.

For instance, if you posted an Instagram short asking your audience about their dog’s favorite trick, you would only look like you’re fishing for comments. But if you post a video or a text with a colorful narrative, you’re likely to get genuine responses.

  • Let your creativity shine! Ask interesting questions.
  • Ask your audience for their opinions or recommendations.
  • Ask about the content that they would like to view.

Aside from a genuine question, you can boost audience engagement by asking them to click a link found in your bio. Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow direct links on a user’s feed captions. Use a link bio tool to create a clickable Instagram feed for you to remedy this.

Instagram will redirect your audience to your included links within your bio by following your CTA. This link can be a landing page featuring a new product, blog post, news article, or a new video on your YouTube channel.  

Attract More Customers with Free Stuff

Why do we love free stuff? Simple, it’s exciting! It’s fun to get gifts and exciting to join contests and giveaways! Thus, do your best never to overlook this strategy. But how do you know you’re setting the mood for an exciting giveaway? 

  • Free stuff should be interesting to your target audience.
  • Your giveaways must be relevant to your business and your brand.
  • Gifts must always be intentional, whether a free sample, a service, or an experience.

Increase your engagement with a giveaway by following a simple format: tag, follow and share. So, if you’re giving away a gift card, ask your audience to tag people or friends that find your products relevant. Then, ask them to follow your Instagram business page and your personal IG page. This simple business engagement formula will surely drive more attention to your post and eventually to your brand.

Find Out the Best Time to Post

There’s a time for every post. If your business caters to hands-on moms, you’d expect your audience to be available in the evenings. Why is this so? Their day starts to wind down at night as the kids’ sleep, so they have more time to check out their feeds. Meanwhile, fitness buffs hit the gym early or engage in fitness activities early in the morning. So it’s best to schedule new posts early as well.

Study your audience carefully by tracking post-performance. Find out how well your content works using Google Sheets or an Excel sheet. Once you find the ideal time to post on Instagram, you can better connect and engage your audience. 

Use The Right Hashtags

One of the most efficient reach strategies is using hashtags. Of course, the right hashtags can enhance your engagement, but a study revealed that the more hashtags you add to your post, the higher your engagement rates. Here are some ways to use the right hashtags to your advantage.

  • Use a hashtag recommendations tool to help you find the best hashtags to use for your business and your campaigns.
  • Use hashtags that connect to the communities you’re involved.
  • Use as many hashtags but use only relevant ones.  

Expect better brand engagement with these Instagram tips. Whether you’re selling products or offering professional services online, using Instagram is a fantastic way to connect with your audience.

And aside from these engagement techniques, you should never overlook ways to protect your business software. This protection, Digital Authority Partners adds is very relevant, especially if your employees are on a work-at-home or hybrid setup. Take time to train everyone about software safety.

Keep all your business software updated, use the latest antivirus software, and partner with a software developer to create secure systems. All these can help protect your business and avoid costly data breaches in the future.