50 Little Things That Are Actually Big Things


Be it the way the summer breeze dances with the pages of your book, dreamy watercolour sunsets or the way a friend plucks a flying ant out of your hair without hesitation (an act of love), paying attention to the subtle but significant ways that joy can show up has the power to transform your life, enhancing your day-to-day happiness and overall well being. 

Rejoicing in the gentle beauty of everyday existence helps you cultivate a sense of wonder and gratitude for the simplest of pleasures, shifting your focus away from what’s lacking in your life to what’s there in glorious abundance.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, soak up this collection of magnificent mini things. From the smell of rain in the summer to the sound of wine cascading into a glass, these are a few of the modest pleasures that fill you with joie de vivre and charm your soul into a state of euphoria; the things that make you believe in the magic of living, if you slow down for long enough to savour them. 

1. When they remember something important you said in passing 

2. “This made me think of you” 

3. A tight hug

4. Listening to you with curiosity when they ask how you are (top tier)

5. “I want you there!” 

6. Comfortable silence with your pals 

7. Turning their phone over on the table. It says they’re really here. 

8. Getting a flying ant out of your hair without asking 

9. Tearing off hunks of warm, freshly baked bread 

10. Time to yourself 

11. Fresh bed sheets 

12. The sound of wine being poured 

13. That first mouthful of dessert 

14. Hearing the rain beating down on the window when you’re cosy indoors 

15. Realising that a setback was actually your awakening 

16. Swimming in the moonlight 

17. Cloud-gazing 

18. Someone messaging you, just as you were thinking about them 

19. Your luggage being the first out on the baggage carousel – you are the chosen one 

20. Finding money you didn’t know you had

21. Bank holidays that are actually *sunny* 

22. Losing track of time

23. Putting your Out Of Office on before your holiday. The feeling is unmatched. 

24. A song coming on the radio and taking you right back the time you first heard it 

25. Walking in the rain on a summer’s day

26. “I appreciate you”

27. Dating yourself. Romanticise your life.

28. The first cup of coffee in the morning. Elite. 

29. Wildflowers nodding in the wind

30. The way music sounds different in the heat of the summer

31. Indistinct chatter when you’re at the beach – children playing, bottles popping, cutlery on plates from nearby restaurants, waves lapping 

32. The way the wind dances with the pages of a book

33. Overheard conversations, “Excuse me daddy, I love you” <3

34. The sweet honey tones of August’s golden hour light 

35. Having no plans – because that IS a plan. Rest is productive. 

36. “Have you had your lunch yet?”

37. A heartfelt thank you 

38. Watching clothes drying on the line; the air perfumed with roses, the gentle breeze caressing the linen 

39. Getting a car park space just as someone is leaving 

40. The odd occasion when you’re trying to organise a night out with the girls and everyone just so happens to be free on the same day. Hallelujah. The stars have aligned, as has the jalapeño rose. 

41. White Magnums in summer

42. Seeing a dog run through fields. Only their flapping ears are visible. 

43. “Do you want me to do your back” SPF kindness – a love language 

44. A ‘picky bits’ dinner 

45. Going for a drive at sunset 

46. “Just checking in” texts

47. Hearing the buzzing of bees, flying from flower to flower

48. Rising with the sun and starting your day gently 

49. “Text me when you get home”

50. Rearranging your room. It’s like gardening for the mind.