Amazon Prime Day: Best gaming peripheral deals with 33-percent price off


On the lookout for new gaming peripherals? Well, Amazon Prime Day is the ideal time to pick some up at discounted prices. During the 15th and 16th of July, there are some great offers on gaming peripherals, which include gaming mice, gaming keyboards and gaming headsets. 

We’ve got one great deal of each kind – a gaming mouse, a gaming keyboard and a gaming headset – listed here for you to check out with discounts as large as 63% off! Check them out.

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1) HyperX Pulsefire Haste – 51% off

The HyperX Pulsefire Haste wired mouse is a lightweight gaming mouse from HyperX with a great sensor on-board and you can currently pick it up for a little under half the price! The mouse comes with a honeycomb design which is a popular design with lightweight mice. If you’re worried about water and dust getting through the holes, don’t worry, the mouse even has an IP rating to help with that. The mouse has an MRP of around Rs. 5000, but you can currently pick it up for just Rs. 2,490.

We’ve used this mouse extensively and it feels very comfortable to use, has precise and accurate tracking, and a good option for anyone looking for a good FPS or general gaming mouse. Buy now

2) Redgear Blaze – 63% off

When you’re looking for budget gaming peripherals in India, Redgear is a name that will pop up often. The Redgear Blaze is a semi-mechanical keyboard from Redgear that offers a mechanical experience with its floating keycaps and RGB lighting. All costing only Rs. 479 with 63% off right now!

Now even though it says semi-mechanical, the keyboard isn’t exactly a mechanical keyboard. It does offer an experience that’s fairly similar to one with it’s design. However, at the price it’s going for right now, you can’t really complain. It will definitely get the job done as far as a budget gaming keyboard is concerned. Buy now

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3) Logitech G435 Lightspeed – 33% off

The Logitech G435 Lightspeed and Bluetooth headset is part of Logitech’s new lineup of gaming peripherals that value style and design in addition to performance. The Logitech G435 is incredibly lightweight and comfortable to use. We’ve used it for hours upon hours on end without the slightest hint of discomfort. The headset also offers great audio quality and comes with a beamforming microphone. 

Since this is a bluetooth headset as well, it will work with any platforms that support Bluetooth audio, which includes smartphones, and consoles. Additionally, it also supports 2.4GHz wireless via the accompanying dongle as well.

You can currently pick the Logitech G435 up for Rs. 4,994, at 33% off its MRP. Buy here

Disclaimer: Deal prices as of the time of writing this story, deal prices are subject to change as per retailers’ availability and other conditions which Digit has no control over.


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