This vacuum is really one of the best vacuums I have used. It’s simple to put together, it’s lightweight and it actually cleans my carpet and flooring. I love that I am able to easily change out the attachments and get things clean faster.

My niece was so excited about this vacuum that she started vacuuming everything. She is 11 and small for her age. She was able to use it just fine to vacuum the sofa, and my floor and she even vacuumed my curtains.

What I love about the Bissell ICON Pet Pro

It’s Lightweight

This vacuum is so lightweight and easy to move around. I love that I can really put this thing anywhere. I have used it to vacuum my ceiling where there was a lot of dust.

It’s easy to change attachments

With just the simple push of a button, you can change out the attachments and get things clean quickly. I love that it takes just seconds to change things out.

The attachments are useful

These are not just attachments that you wonder what you do with, but they actually are very useful and allow you to get things clean quickly and easily.

Organized storage

Most vacuums have storage on the vacuum itself. That can be great until you try to do something with it like clean. The parts eventually get battered and they start to fall off all of the time. However, with the storage solution included in your new vacuum, you don’t have to worry about that. Just attach the storage unit to your wall, make sure there is a plug close by for charging, and hang the attachments on the storage unit.

Battery Operated

I love that this vacuum is battery-operated. It makes it easy to move around. I don’t have to worry about unplugging it when I move from room to room and I don’t vacuum over the cord or trip on it.

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What I Didn’t Like about the Bissell ICON Pet Pro

There are so many good things about this vacuum, however, there are a couple of downsides that I would love to see changed.

Short Charging cord

The charging code is not very long and though you may not think that is a big deal it is if you don’t have a lot of outlets in your home. I have limited outlets and found it hard to find a place where I could put the vacuum with the storage that was close to a plug. I eventually found a place and got it up, but it’s in my bedroom right next to my bed. Not exactly a great place to have it.

If you have a mudroom or closet with a plug this is a no worry for you. However, if you are in an apartment like me. This could cause a problem.

No normal (round) attachment piece

This is not a big issue unless you want to use your vacuum to seal vacuum-sealable bags. I don’t have any currently, but I was looking for one and couldn’t find any that would work with the attachments I had. A downside that could be fixed by offering an attachment you can buy separately.

More information about the Bissel Icon Pet Pro

  • High-Performance Digital Motor Spins up to 420 miles per hour to give you powerful cordless cleaning performance.
  • Enjoy cordless freedom in three cleaning modes with a 25V lithium-ion battery.
  • Our patented Tangle-Free Brush Roll spins up to 3200 RMP, so no hair wrap is left behind*, meaning it’s the vacuum for homes with pets.
  • Control dust and dander while emptying your dirt tank with our Mess-Free Dirt Tank with CleanSlide Technology™.
  • Clean more spaces with the hand and high-reach vacuum functions.
  • Motorized TurboBrush® Tool, LED-lighted Crevice Tool + Dusting Brush, Pet Dusting Brush, and Flexible Crevice Tool let you clean pet messes wherever they happen!
  • Buy BISSELL, Save Pets. BISSELL will donate $25 to cover one adoption fee at a BISSELL Pet Foundation® Empty the Shelters event.**

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