Fun, Safe and Creative Halloween Activities for Kids in Toronto

Do you struggle to come up with fun activities for kids during the spooky season? Don’t worry, you are not alone. With so many adults going crazy about costumes, creepy decorations and scary movies, it’s easy to overlook and undervalue the importance of keeping things appropriate and age-appropriate for children. Instead of letting your kid have only negative associations with October 31st from hereon, why not inject some wholesome fall activities into their routine? Here are some fantastic suggestions for wholesome Halloween activities for kids in Toronto that your little ones will love!

Go on a nature walk to discover the spooky side of Autumn

While most of us associate the autumn season with falling leaves, pumpkins, and hearty casseroles, there is a spooky side to this beautiful time of year. As the weather cools, insects and pests that have been hibernating all summer come out of hiding. This can have a particularly chilling effect on younger children. Take some time to go on a nature walk together to discover the spooky side of autumn. Talk about the different insects that might be out. Pick up some leaves and bring them home to press in a book for your child to keep as a nature journal. Have a backyard bonfire as a way to say goodbye to the summer.

Learn about Halloween traditions and the darker side of culture

Halloween was once a Celtic holiday that was celebrated as a festival of the dead. Over time it became a holiday focused on kids and candy, but there is a darker side to the costumes, decorations, and customs that we associate with the day. Talk to your child about the origins of Halloween. When they are tweens or teens, you can introduce them to the darker side of culture. Teach them about the origins of costumes and the significance of certain symbols and colours. Explore some of the darker aspects of mythology together like vampires, werewolves, and other traditional monsters.

Throw a Halloween Party with friends and family

Kids love having friends come over, so why not have a Halloween party? Invite the kids from your neighbour’s place. You can also have a joint party with friends and relatives. This can be a great way to build a sense of community and let your kids know they are not alone. You can tailor the theme of the party to your child’s age and interests. If your child loves art, try to turn your home into a spooky art gallery. If they are into sports, you can host a sports-themed Halloween party. You can even try to create a spooky twist on your child’s favourite board game. Make sure to get creative with food and drinks too. Halloween is the perfect holiday to get creative with the menu!

Visit a Haunted House together

Going to a haunted house may not be appropriate for all kids, but if your children are above a certain age and have the maturity level to handle it, why not? After all, one of the best things about Halloween is the culture around it. You can also use this opportunity to talk to your kids about the dangers of playing around with ghosts, witches, and other spooky figures. You can even talk to them about the dangers of playing with fire and other safety issues that may arise from the experience. This way, you can use Halloween to educate your kids about safety and culture.

Have a Costume Swap Party and use the occasion to teach your kids about diversity.

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, there are many kids who are eager to wear a costume, but there are others who may feel that they don’t have a choice. This can create feelings of anxiety and discomfort in your child. While you may not be able to control all of the costumes your children may be exposed to, you can take control of the costumes they wear. Host a costume swap party with other parents and let your kids know that they can choose any costume they like. If they want to dress up as a princess, let them. If they want to dress up as a doctor, let them. While your kids are still young, use this opportunity to teach them about diversity, inclusion, and empowerment.