Four Types of Collectibles That Are Highly Valuable


There are a number of reasons to start a collection, from increasing happiness and lowering stress to finding a community amongst other collectors. However, there is another key reason to start a collection: diversifying your assets.

If you’re interested in collecting for financial reasons, you’ll want to start with high-value collectibles. The problem is that some sellers may claim that their goods are high in value when really, they’re just trying to turn a better profit.

So, how can you make sure that your collectibles truly are high in value?

Read on as we discuss four of the highest-value collectibles to start buying today.

  1. coins

Coins from around the world can carry a high value as long as you know what to look for. One example of a high-value coin is the Fugio cent, thought to be the first minted cent in the US and worth up to $10,000 depending on the condition and design variances. Like stamp collecting, coin collecting allow you to embrace an interest in history while learning how to spot fakes and recognize unique or valuable designs.

  1. Comic books

Comic books are a great deal of fun for children and adults alike and the right collection will garner plenty of value. Oftentimes, comic books that hold the most value are first edition copies that introduce a popular character to the world. Many comic collectors stay focused on a specific character (ie Superman or Spiderman) or a specific publisher (ie DC or Marvel).

  1. antiques

If you have a taste for the finer luxuries in life, you may enjoy the hobby of looking for high-value antique collectibles. The key to developing a great antique collection is establishing a niche (read about Chinese antiques to learn more about one high-value option) and to find sellers that you trust. Though global, the antique collector’s community is tight-knit and many sellers will become familiar faces in no time.

  1. Fandom Paraphernalia

Are you a major movie buff? Do you love the history of sporting events? Does a certain line of toys from your childhood strike up that great feeling of nostalgia?

Many fandoms also come with an opportunity to generate a high-value collection. For example, you can build an autograph collection with autographed posters, cards, and items from your favorite era of music. You can also seek out mint condition items such as rare and discontinued toys, movie props or advertisements, and other staples of a specific fandom.

Diversify Your Assets With Collectibles

Whether you want to start your own collectibles store or build up an arsenal of goods that will continue to appreciate in value, collecting is a great way to diversify your assets. Get started with one of these high-value collectible niches to build your wealth today.

We already mentioned that collecting is a great way to build community. If you’re looking for more ways to improve your social life, take a look around as we dive into the many social scenes around the globe.