Grand jury investigates former Kansas City detective who allegedly “exploited and terrorized” black residents | Messages


A criminal grand jury investigation is ongoing involving a former Kansas City, Kansas police detective who allegedly “exploited and terrorized” black people, CNN reports.

According to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office Roger GolubskiReaching the rank of captain in 2010, targeted residents of the north of the city for decades.

In a 2019 civil lawsuit, he was charged with exploiting “vulnerable black women, including black women who worked as prostitutes”, hiring innocent people and working for a local drug lord. He is not currently charged with any criminal offense and has not faced any disciplinary action in connection with the allegations against him.

Stories of Golubski’s alleged corruption are not new, according to The Kansas City Star. The newspaper published numerous articles about the 69-year-old retired officer on allegations made by alleged victims and their families. Some of the reports detailed Golubski’s connection to black women killed in the city.

Golubski was first scrutinized in 2016 for his involvement in the conviction of Lamonte McIntyre to double homicide, according to CNN. McIntyre was released in 2017 after 23 years in prison on what the prosecutor described as “blatant injustice”.

McIntyre’s attorneys gathered dozens of affidavits alleging details of Golubski’s wrongdoing and corruption, as well as alleged corruption involving the prosecutor and judge that led to his conviction.

Several witnesses said the retired detective was obsessed with black prostitutes and used his badge to coerce them.

The civil lawsuit alleges that Golubski provided information and protection to a local drug dealer who paid the ex-detective money and drugs for these services.

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Federal officials declined to comment on both CNN and the star, citing the secrecy of grand jury proceedings. But at least three people were called in to testify in the investigation, including Terry Ziegler, the retired Kansas City police chief of Kansa, who had been Golubski’s partner for three years.

Ziegler told CNN that he was unaware of Golubski’s reputation for the alleged wrongdoing and that he had never experienced anything like it. “They were trying to understand like I didn’t know or I was trying to cover up things about Roger that I knew,” he said. “I don’t mind talking and telling people because I have nothing to hide.”

The case caught the attention of Jay-Zs Team Roc.

The local broadcaster KCTV reports that the rap mogul and entrepreneur has placed a full-page ad in The Washington Post call for a full investigation by the KCK police department.

“The police and eyewitness accounts of criminal behavior by members of the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department over the past few decades are staggering. They describe vivid reports of rape, murder, sex trafficking and corruption that are so widespread and so obvious that it would be shocking if even a single allegation were true, ”the ad reads, according to KCTV.