How to Stop Holding Yourself Back in Life


We all have a bunch of things we want to achieve in life, and most of us will go on to achieve some of them, like pursuing the career we love or visiting that one place we’ve wanted to see since we were kids, However, most of us will not achieve all we want to, and the reason we won’t do that is that we hold ourselves back. We think we can’t or that we aren’t good enough, so we don’t. Here’s how to change that.

The “I’ll Do It Tomorrow” Syndrome

First up, let’s tackle the thing that probably holds more of us back than anything  – procrastination, that ever-present frenemy in our lives. It’s like that clingy friend who overstays their welcome. You know you should kick it to the curb, but somehow, you end up watching just one more episode on Netflix. The cure? Start small. Break your tasks into tiny, bite-sized pieces. It’s like eating an elephant one bite at a time – not that you’d want to eat an elephant, but you get the idea.

The Perfectionism Trap

Perfectionism is a bit like that overzealous stage parent we all recognize from our school days. It means well but often ends up stifling your true potential and holding you back from being all you can be. The world won’t end if your project/report/painting isn’t flawless. As a wise person (probably) once said, “Done is better than perfect.” Embrace the beauty of imperfection. It’s like jazz music – the unexpected notes often make the best tunes.

Say Hello to Therapy

Seriously, sometimes talking to a professional, like David Tzall at,  is the best thing you can do. They’re like emotional detectives, helping you unravel the mysteries of your mind. And no, it’s not just for crises. It’s like taking your car in for a regular tune-up; maintenance is key.

The Comparison Game: Just Don’t

Comparing yourself to others is as useful as a chocolate teapot. What you need to bear in mind, always, is that social media is a highlight reel, not the behind-the-scenes. Focus on your own journey. It’s like running a race; if you keep looking at the other runners, you’re bound to trip. Keep your eyes on your own lane.

Embracing Risk: The Spice of Life

Taking risks can be scary, but life isn’t a dress rehearsal, It’s okay to fail. In fact, it’s necessary. It might sound trite but try to think of every failure as a stepping stone to success. It’s like cooking a new recipe – sometimes, you end up with a masterpiece and other times, you set off the smoke alarm. Either way, you learn something.

The Power of ‘No’

Learning to say ‘no’ is like finding a hidden superpower. You can’t be everything to everyone. It’s about setting boundaries. Saying no to others sometimes means saying yes to yourself. It’s like refusing that last slice of cake; it might disappoint someone, but your waistline will thank you.

The Lifelong Student Attitude

Keep learning. Whether it’s a new language, skill, or hobby, learning keeps your brain sharp and your life interesting. It’s like adding new flavors to your life’s recipe. Who knows, you might discover a passion for underwater basket weaving!

We can be our own worst enemies sometimes, but as you can see, there are lots of simple, but effective, things we can do to change that and stop holding ourselves back, Whatever we want is within reach if we are willing to go for it!