Find Your Perfect Summer Wardrobe: How to Style Your Clothes to Suit Your Body Type

Now that the sun is shining and we’re well into June, it’s time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe. You’ll spend a lot more time outdoors this season and want to look your best when you step out. However, that’s not as straightforward as it sounds because everyone has different body types. Finding clothes that complement you perfectly can be tricky, with so many new styles coming out every day. Whether petite or curvaceous, there is a perfect summer style for everyone. The trick is finding the right pieces and learning to style them in the most flattering way possible. To find out how to pick the perfect summer clothes for women for your body type, read on for our expert advice on bringing out the best in your body type.

What is your body type?

Before you start shopping, you need to understand your body type. The five most common body types are pear, inverted triangle, apple, and hourglass. For each of these body types, you need to know what styles, colours, and fits will look best on you. For example, pear-shaped women often have trouble finding clothes that fit properly in the hips and thighs but are too loose in the top half.


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How to dress if you’re petite

If you’re petite or shorter, you can use horizontal and vertical patterns to make yourself appear taller or wider. High-waisted bottoms will balance out your top. The best colors to wear are jewel tones. Stay away from black, as it will make you look shorter. Wear shorter tops and dresses to make your legs appear longer if you’re vertically challenged. Avoid anything above the knee.

How to dress if you’re curvy

If you’re curvy, you want to dress for your body type, not someone else’s. When you try to squeeze into your skinny jeans, you may mistake dressing for someone else’s body type. Instead, wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. You want to draw attention to your best assets, not hide them away. If you’re fuller in the chest, try wearing a V-neck sweater or a button-down shirt. If you’re fuller in the hips, wear something that skimpy. If you’re fuller in the waist, wear something that is flowy and loose. No matter your body type, you don’t have to wear one style. You can have a little bit of everything in your closet if you’re dressing for your own body type.

How to dress if you’re tall

If you’re tall, you may consider wearing tapered pants, which make your legs look longer. You can also try wearing a blazer, which makes your legs look longer. Wear less prominent patterns, as they will make you appear taller. Stay away from loud prints, as they will make you appear shorter. Wear bright colours, as they make you appear taller, especially if you’re wearing them on your bottom. You can also pick lighter shades for your top half.


Finding clothes that fit your body type is a good way to stand out. You can pick trendy pieces that will last for seasons to come.