Kenya’s Pariti Raises $ 2,85M Led by Harlem Capital to Build Startup Ecosystems


Pariti, the Kenya-based community-led marketplace that builds the digital infrastructure for startup ecosystems in emerging markets, has raised seeds of $ 2.85 million, the company confirmed to TechCrunch today.

Round was directed by Harlem Capital, based in the United States. In Africa, it is the fund’s first ever diversity-focused deal that secured $ 134 million for its second fund earlier this year. Other investors participated: Better Ventures, Accelerated Ventures, Diverse Angels, AVG Basecamp and New General Market Partners.

“We are delighted to be working with Harlem Capital,” said co-founder and CEO Yacob Berhane of Harlem’s involvement.. “His focus on data, process and supporting underserved ecosystems aligns perfectly with our mission and makes them an amazing partner we can build on. “

When TechCrunch covered Pariti in March, the company that connects emerging market founders with resources, talent and capital fresh out of the search for products that fit the market.

Pariti was founded by Yacob Berhane and Wossen Ayele in 2019. Last year, CEO Berhane said the company grew 795% and attributed this growth to the pandemic and how the African tech ecosystem has reached a tipping point, minting half a dozen unicorns in this period.

“The pandemic was a Black Swan event because we saw a major jump in activity on our platform. Staffing and remote investments accelerated tremendously. This was a bet we made a while ago, but obviously I could not foresee what was to come, “Berhane told TechCrunch.

“And after taking narrowly Ten years to get Africa’s first unicorn, we had announced six in about six months. This led to a significant increase in the interest of local and international investors in African startups..

Pariti has more than 880 companies in 42 countries on its platform, up from 500 at the beginning of this year. But Berhane does not share any other figures to reflect the progress of the 100 independent experts and 60 investors that TechCrunch reported in March.

BCG data says that Africa appears to be on the eve of a startup revolution, with the ecosystem “growing at an annual rate of 46%, which is six times faster than the world average.”

But with some founders needing support more than ever in an inefficient ecosystem with trust issues, platforms like Pariti will become critical for founders and investors to trade on neutral ground.

Pariti’s core product is the recommendation engine, where founders submit their companies for expert review and comment on the platform. The engine then suggests custom next steps for founders to take in areas where the company needs help..

The Kenya-based marketplace also helps talent monetize their skills and venture capitalists and angels to find, scrutinize and execute deals..

Berhane mentions that Pariti’s pitch evaluation and recommendation engine also has some predictability features where the platform can indicate how companies will perform with fundraising.

“So we’ve looked at companies that have been able to go ahead and raise money after submitting the Pariti proposal review, and companies that score above 70 on a Pariti score have a 50% chance of connecting. successfully with investors, ”said the CEO. “But companies that score higher than 78 have shown a correlation with being 8 times more likely to raise capital, which is quite dramatic.. “

According to some founders who have used the platform and spoken anonymously to TechCrunch, Pariti also helped them get into global accelerators like Y Combinator and Techstars.

Berhane confirmed that five companies have joined Y Combinator after using Pariti. One of the startups is Kenyan neobank Fingo, a startup featured in the previous article that had secured a $ 250,000 pre-seed round in March..

“If Pariti builds this community of founders, investors and freelancers who have the right mindset to elevate this ecosystem, no one has to be a gatekeeper. You’re fostering a certain ‘we’ll go further together’ mentality. It’s bigger than any of us, ”Berhane said, emphasizing the need for Pariti to democratize access to global investors and accelerators.

Guidance and tutoring services have improved significantly On the platform, too, appearing in different guises: venture capital fellows to founder, founder to founder, expert to founder, and investor to founder, the company said. With access to this support and investors, the companies have raised more than $ 20 million in debt and equity in the past year..

Pariti seed funding will allow you to create SaaS workflows for add multiple ways to raise capital, from traditional stocks and debt to DeFi solutions.

The company also plans to enhance its talent market, create a tailored solution for investors looking to invest in and support founders, hire talent, build larger communities, and expand into new markets.