Last gang member detained after a violent raid on a cannabis plant in Nottingham


The last member of a criminal gang who attacked a man with guns during a violent raid on a cannabis plant has been arrested.

The group of ten criminals traveled from London to Nottingham in a vehicle convoy before kicking the door in the early hours of May 20, 2020 at an address on Myrtle Avenue, Forest Fields.

A man was attacked with knives and secateurs while escaping from the property.

After the burst, the gang stole cannabis plants from the address and loaded them into a vehicle.

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Some of the attackers abandoned their vehicles and attempted to escape, but were quickly arrested after police quickly arrived on the scene.

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Others were stopped and arrested while escaping back to London via the M1.

All ten pleaded guilty to the serious burglary in Nottingham Crown Court on Friday, June 4, 2021. Nine of the gang were sentenced to over 62 years in prison at Nottingham Crown Court last September.

The final member, Edmund Mackwar, 31, of Court Wood Lane, Croydon, appeared before Nottingham Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday January 4, 2022) and has been jailed for six years and seven months.

The other parties involved and the judgments previously received were:

Toryon David, 24, from Kent – six years and ten months.

Josh Dawson, 19, from London – six years and ten months.

Temi Peters, 22, from London – six years and seven months.

Bilal Mohamed, 23, from London – seven years and five months.

Jedidia Kibambe, 25, without a permanent address – seven years and three months.

Gaele Meya, 25, from London – six years and ten months.

Rex Kibambe, 27, without a permanent address – eight years and five months.

Henock Eskinder, 28, from London – six years and seven months.

Earl Coelho De Carvalho, 23, from London – six years.

The man who was attacked while fleeing the property had to be sewn for head and shoulder injuries.

Nottinghamshire Police Department Detective Sergeant Simon Carter said, “I am delighted that these dangerous men are being removed from the streets for a long time.

“I hope that the sentences passed on the defendants, totaling over 68 years in prison, will deter other people from committing similar crimes.

“This raid would have been terrifying for the residents of this street, who were disturbed by the commotion and who witnessed this frightening incident.

“This group of men were willing to use extreme violence to steal cannabis for their own selfish gain, without any regard for the rest of the community and the impact of their violent acts on others.

“Following the report, we responded quickly to secure arrests and carried out a full investigation, on which numerous police teams are working closely.

“I would like to praise DC Sarah Gregg, the general officer on the case, for her careful investigation that eventually led to her conviction after making early submissions.”

DS Carter added: “The number one priority for Nottinghamshire Police is to keep people as safe as possible. The force will continue to do everything in its power to prevent drugs from getting onto the streets of our local communities where they cause serious harm, as well as investigating and stopping this type of illegal activity, identifying those involved and bringing them to justice.

“The money organized criminals make from illegal cannabis cultivation is often used to fund serious neighborhood crime, and they will often exploit vulnerable adults and children to carry out their criminal operations and to spread fear and misery.

“The value of large growth to a rival gang can be substantial, and hence comes the risk of violence and danger to the general public. Criminals, often armed, come out on residential streets they believe are growing with intent to steal from others while other operators use force to protect their operations.

“We continue to work to protect the public and prevent crime and violence before they happen. If you think there is a cannabis cultivation near you, you can always confidently contact the police.

Signs that may indicate growing cannabis include:

  • A strong, distinctive sweet, sickly aroma
  • Frequent visitors day and night
  • Darkened windows
  • Bright light through the night
  • Birds gather on the roof, especially in cold weather
  • In winter, the snow melts on the roof unusually quickly
  • High levels of condensation on windows
  • Noise from fans
  • Large amounts of trash, including compost bags
  • Tampering / changing the electricity meter and new wiring sometimes leading to street lights.

If you think there is a cannabis cultivation area near you, call Nottinghamshire Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.