Most Wanted’ Boss Introduces Edwin Hodge’s Character Ray Cannon – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: CBS’ FBI: Most Wanted is shaking things up in Season 4 with the addition of Edwin Hodge, who recently joined the cast as Ray Cannon. The show returns with new episodes on September 20 at 10 p.m.

And while fans will have to wait until the season’s second episode titled “Taxman” (airing September 27) to meet the rookie agent, Deadline has your exclusive first look at the character and teasers as to what’s ahead from showrunner David Hudgins.

FBI: Most Wanted

(L-R): Dylan McDermott as Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott and Edwin Hodge as Special Agent Ray Cannon.
Mark Schafer/CBS

DEADLINE: This is such a great photo because we’re seeing last season’s new addition, Remy Scott (Dylan McDermott)—with his bag of bagels—alongside Ray. What insight can you share into who Ray is?

DAVID HUDGINS: Thank you very much. Edwin is playing Ray Cannon, he’s from New Orleans and his father was an FBI agent in the Bureau which is significant because there weren’t a lot of African American agents back in the day. Ray comes from a family of law enforcement so he went straight onto the New Orleans police force when he got out of high school, and he to college at the same time to get his degree. After he was a cop for 10 years, he decided he wanted to go to the bureau with Quantico.

This is the first time Remy hires someone for the team. He wanted to bring in somebody who is young with not a lot of experience that he can help mold into an agent to be part of his team.

DEADLINE: Will viewers learn about his backstory?

HUDGINS: There is a bit of a backstory with Ray that goes all the way back to when he was 15 years old during Hurricane Katrina. Also, being a cop in New Orleans is a different kettle of fish; there’s always a lot going on. They tend to not always play by the rules down there, so there’s a little bit of that in Ray. So Remy teaches him how things are done in the FBI and specifically on this task force.

DEADLINE: How does Ray take to the team and vice versa?

HUDGINS: In his first episode, they have a little conflict over the way that Ray is handling the case and Remy basically says to him, “Look, you’re in the task force now. This is a manhunt and we’re focused on getting our guy, so you have to start thinking like that.” That’s how he comes into the show. The whole idea of the character was to bring in some youth and some vitality, some new energy, and Edwin has all of that. I’ve already seen him in some stuff and he just lights up the screen. He’s got a real energy to him and some real charm—this guy is a charmer.

DEADLINE: Will there be any conflicts?

HUDGINS: His arrival does cause some conflict with Barnes (Roxy Sternberg]. Barnes has been on that task force from the beginning and she’s paid her dues and now there’s a new guy coming in. She doesn’t necessarily have a problem with him; they do have many similarities. They are both African American and both had been cops. But I think she also sort of feels like hey, this guy has to pay his dues as we all did. So she’s a bit tough on him in the beginning. He does develop a great relationship with Hana (Keisha Castle-Hughes) pretty quickly. We thought it would be interesting to have these two characters of the same age who come from very different backgrounds, and who have different perspectives. The two of them together are really fun! They’re kind of like the kids’ squad of the team, in a way. His arrival does upset the dynamic but in a good way.

DEADLINE: What can you tease about what’s ahead for Remy? How’s his love life going?

HUDGINS: What I can tease is Remy and April (Wendy Moniz) are still together and they’re trying to figure it out. They both have very, very demanding jobs so trying to find time for each other is a challenge. Both actors have incredible chemistry and they’re great to watch. What I love about April is she doesn’t really take any shit. She calls Remy out on stuff at times, which I think he also likes. Stay tuned for where that goes.

DEADLINE: Will you explore more stories about his family this season?

HUDGINS: Yes, definitely. There’s a story very early on with him and his sister and how they’re helping their mom who has dementia. There’s a great story also coming up where we learn a lot about who Remy was before he went to the FBI. He was a bit of a player back in the day, let’s put it that way. The death of his little brother was what changed him, and we do have an art plan for that as well. We think that’s going to be really intense and emotional for him. Essentially, there’s the idea that his brother’s killer is up for parole, and what is Remy going to do about that?

DEADLINE: Any chance you have any crossovers planned?

HUDGINS: Crossovers are great but they’re very challenging to produce, especially because we now have three shows. Last year we did a three-episode crossover so it’s something that we’re always thinking about. It was a lot more challenging last year because of the pandemic and we’re still very observant and cautious and following all the pandemic protocols. Hopefully, this is going to go away at some point, which will make it easier. The answer is yes, the goal is to do across over the season. We just don’t know when yet.