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Why the US needs to legalize weed after Biden’s Speech of Disunity


It was on September 1st, 2022 that you could hear the palpable tear within the social fabric of the United States. Two rabid dogs, one blue and another red – teeth sunk deep within the sides of Lady Liberty pulling her apart to opposite extremes.


What set this off?


It was a speech given by President Joe Biden with ominous red lighting where he literally called anyone who voted for Donald Trump or the “MAGA Republicans” fascists. He called them a threat to democracy. He called them deranged.


The people who blindly follow old Joe clamored in praise! “Finally, a strong president who says what is needed to be said!” they sing in unison. “If you’re offended by what he said, you’re probably a fascist!” others echo.


This so called “fringe Republicans” that “live in the shadows of lies” and are “enemies of truth” just so happen to be nearly 100,000 people in the country (if not more). While the vast majority of the people who have voted for Trump in the past aren’t hardcore MAGA there is a sizable chunk of folks who are 100% on the Trump Train.


I don’t understand why. Trump – like Joe Biden – is a cancer to society.


Perhaps this is my inner anarchist talking or simply my decades of looking into the dirty corners of the government and their relationships with special interests that make me feel this way…but there are millions of people who march behind these relics of a bygone era. Who follow their orders and do as they told.


If it’s not the Orange Menace, it’s Angry Joe – and all of them are sucking the rock hard dong of “special interests” milking the average Jane and Joe for everything they have. They take out loans in your name and send the money to their private partners playing war games in Europe and then forgive a small group of individuals their “student debt” in return.


I am not a fan of the left nor the right. I cannot fall into a binary system of thinking. I understand that people are nuanced and complex. We all have certain preferences and we are certainly not our “group” when you get to meet anyone on an individual level.


However, when I saw the Joe Biden Speech with his red optics and angry tone, condemning nearly half of the country I only thought – “This might not play out as he thinks!”


Firstly, by labeling millions of people as “fascists” you immediately managed to further polarize the nation. Secondly, by drawing up lines in the public space, you are making people choose sides. There are a sizable portion of people in the middle who think you’re all a bunch of whackos.


Yet probably the most disturbing of all is the hypocrisy in the words of Joe Biden. He speaks of fascism, but the definition goes as follows;


A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.

Oppressive, dictatorial control.


In the past few years, the Biden Administration utilized Centralized Authority and placed stringent governmental controls, are literally utilizing Twitter and Facebook to suppress the opposition.


They mandated unconstitutional vaccinations and coerced people into taking an untested drug or suffer the loss of their livelihood. Don’t worry, Trump was in on it too…after all he’s “Mr. Operation Warp Speed” and damn proud of it.


They all made millions, and eroded our freedoms. And then, Biden has the balls to call out the opposition.


As mentioned, I’m neither for the left or the right. I don’t buy into political affiliation because ultimately my highest ideal is to “Rule Thyself!” Therefore, while I play nice while in society – I personally do not believe in any party or government and think that the people who are currently in power are some of the worst human beings to hold those positions.


Nonetheless, this is not about my own views but rather what needs to happen now. Biden threw gasoline on dying embers and now, there is a raging public debate on Twitter that is only polarizing people even more.


I don’t know whether Biden did what he did from a place of Malice or simple ignorance – however, I doubt that they are ignorant. It’s also no coincidence that it happened right as the November Season of Political Shitfuckery is about to start.


All I can say is, hold on to your hats folks! It might get turbulent!


In case of Societal Turbulence – Smoke this Joint!


Unless the US does something drastic like – legalize cannabis federally – in the next few months, I can’t see the societal rage dying down anytime soon. People are still riled up from the Pandemic response, and now with this definitive divisiveness from the current administration, and the Trump-Squad preparing God knows what – things might get really nasty.


Cannabis is known as a universal “chill out” drug and potentially could be the “silver lining” most people need not to lose complete faith in their institutions.


One of the trending hashtags on Twitter was #NationalDivorce – which technically isn’t a bad idea. The United States has grown to such a size with so many varied views on how life “should be lived”, that it would make sense to decentralize the power even more.


Instead of a unified country, the “Common wealth of America” might be politically less polar. However, for now, this is only a pipedream. We know that those in power would never accept to a “national divorce” unless there is violence on the street and those that want freedom has those that don’t want it at the throat (or vice versa).


Therefore, the ideal solution to stop this madness would be for a major policy shift on a topic that most people agree on – cannabis legalization.


Despite the polarization within the political spectrum, most people from both sides of the equation can get behind cannabis legalization. It could be the one thing that can make people see that there still are some shared values.


If this doesn’t happen – then the wet dream of the far right and the far left come true – Civil War.


I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem like a world I want.


But what can we do?

Well first, let’s unify people under a singular non-political topic – weed. Let’s simply allow people their individual liberty…they have gone through so much over the past few years – this token would be minimal compared  to the sacrifices endured.


The other thing you can do (if you’re a voter) is to show either your approval or disapproval in the November election cycle.


If you’re like me – those who do not vote on their masters – then the best you can do is to prepare yourself for some turbulent times ahead. Whether this is engineered or organic is irrelevant, what President Biden did yesterday in his speech sent shockwaves around the world.


The way he presented himself didn’t make it any less ominous.


Sticky Bottom Line


Who knows what tomorrow will bring…but what I do know is that right now the whole US is “HOT!!!” Y’all Motherfuckers need to chill out. I recommend legalizing weed as a token of good faith…but if this doesn’t happen – take a long hard think about why you support either the left or the right.


I support humans…the individual’s ability to express themselves to their fullest. This goes beyond the binary paradigm. I embrace freedom as a principle of life and thus, when I hear authoritarian stuff like Biden and Trump’s speeches – it sends shivers down my spine.


If you’re also worried about the state of things – the doctor recommends taking three bong rips and to chillax a bit. While the road may get bumpy – this too shall pass!