Novita Charity Partnership: Finding Your Purpose in Life

Don’t you just wish that you could find your purpose in life? Well, don’t worry, because many people have the same problem. We all want to do something that makes the world a better place and actually has a reason to get up in the morning. In fact, a recent study found that a whopping 70 percent of Americans are looking for ways to improve their lives and give back. If you’re one of them, then you should check out Novita’s new Charity Partnership.


What is the Novita Charity Partnership?

The Novita Charity Partnership is a program that partners brands and nonprofits that are looking to maximize their social impact through partnership. It was created to help people get involved and find a purpose in life while making some extra cash.

As one of the first social impact programs to pair brands with nonprofits, the Novita Charity Partnership has helped thousands find ways to give back and change their own lives. It has also helped thousands of nonprofits raise money through partnerships with well-known companies.


How Does the Novita Charity Partnership Work?

The partnership works through an app called CauseVox, which is the connecting platform for the Novita Charity Partnership. Users download the app to their mobile device and link it with their payment method (i.e. bank account or credit card). Once they’ve created an account and linked their payment method, users can start shopping.

When they find a cause they’re interested in, they can search through gift cards from participating brands to donate to their favorite nonprofit. The brands that participate in the partnership offer a variety of gift cards, including those that support the daily needs of families, such as gas cards and food stamps.


How to Apply for the Novita Charity Partnership

In order to apply for the Novita Charity Partnership, brands and nonprofits contact the CauseVox team to make a proposal. This proposal outlines the project, how it will be implemented, and the number of gift cards the nonprofit will receive in return.

Once the team approves your application, you can start selling gift cards through the CauseVox app. To get started, prospective nonprofits can browse through popular causes and find the ones that best match their mission.


How to Get Paid in the Novita Charity Partnership

Once you’ve completed 100 sales, the partnership pays you! The team at Novita then verifies each payment through their fraud prevention system, and you receive your payout.

Once verified, you receive payment via direct deposit into your bank account or via a Venmo-like payment system (i.e. peer-to-peer payments). This verification process ensures that each payment goes through a series of checks and balances to prevent fraud and ensure payment is made to the correct person.

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The Novita Charity Partnership is a fantastic program for those looking for a purpose in life and ways to give back.