Our Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow fall collection is here!


Summer is drawing to a close and I am ready for allllll the cozy autumn mood – gather around the dining table with a few loved ones, make yourself comfortable with a good book under a warm blanket and bring a bit of festive youth into the mix! This season the autumn wind is blowing in a new opal house design with the Jungalow collection, which I am very excited and proud of.

At this point, we were working on the designs for this collection last year. Missing family and friends and traveling, I imagined what autumn might be like the following year. And so I injected this collection with dreams of a trip to the Mediterranean, with the hope of lavishly layered Thanksgiving table tops, surrounded by love and symbols of peace, calm, playfulness and positivity. While this year we may not be able to visit faraway places or hold large gatherings, I hope this collection will help you bring some of those peaceful, calm, playful and positive vibes into your home and all that to celebrate we can be grateful.

Today I’m going to share some of my favorite pieces from the collection and also give you guys a glimpse into the design process!

For this collection we have oriented ourselves towards natural materials. From pipe-fronted furniture to bast-wrapped mirrors (this one pictured above is only $ 50!) Not to mention the terracotta pumpkin candles I keep burning (and they smell) So Well).

But we also turned to nature Inspirations. You’ll find cute pigeons, spirited squirrels, and fancy owls alongside works of art and pillows that celebrate plants, flowers, and autumn fruits.

When the lovely folks at Target asked if I could work on designs for fall table tops that could be used every day but could also be dressed up for the holidays, I was really excited! First, it’s my first time working on a tabletop collection and I love trying new things, and second, I enjoy using my wild imagination to think about how designs can be combined in different ways.

My starting place for the tabletop collection was the sun plate. I thought that with solid plates it would be easy to dress the plates up or down – just as you can add jewelry and a pair of heels to a simple, solid dress to make it feel more chic. But being the maximalist, I wanted the plates to have a bit of personality, so it felt like the right step to go with an unusual silhouette (the sun shape). I am obsessed with the way the plates and bowls came out of pointed sunstone. The quality is so great and they cost $ 20 for a pack of four.

From then on, I started layering the fun! Two-tone starter plates add pretty pops of color, and serving platters and bowls showing off my artwork add that splash of pattern that I love. And then there’s this brass peace tray I’ve dreamed of for years, finally realized and for only $ 24.

For the table linen, I followed my normal rhythm – I mixed botanically inspired motifs with graphic ones – in this case I combined a tablecloth with one of my watercolors with falling leaves with a striped black and white runner and napkin to provide the kind of contrast I wanted love.

Add chunky pottery, pumpkins, tassels, and a finely picked centerpiece and you have a festive tabletop with no fuss!

Thought it would be fun to share some of my original renderings and artwork for the collection for a look behind the curtain! The design process usually works by having the great design team at Target give me a line plan – that is, they share what types of items they want to see designs for and how many. You could say – we need five seating ideas, five mirrors and four lamps (etc.). From there I go back and create a mood board and then work with my design team (with an eye on you, Piper!) To pick colors, develop patterns, and make renders and material references for all of our ideas. Then we introduce the concepts to the Target design team.

Then the Target people take our concepts and refine the ideas to bring it all to life. Seeing the initial samples come in is always a very exciting part of the process. From there we work together to edit, refine, and make any adjustments. Above is a selection of some of my artwork and renderings that were part of our first sales pitch for this fall range. I am so impressed and amazed by the Target design team and how they bring our designs to life, capture the spirit of the original designs, and make the pieces at such affordable prices.

Below are some of our favorite pieces from the collection and some details about the pieces!



I hope you enjoy having these pieces in your home as much as we enjoyed creating them! Buy the entire Opalhouse-Designed with Jungalow collection exclusively at Target!

Photos by Jenna Peffley
My make-up from T’ai Rising Moore
Thanks to my incredible team for helping put the collections and images together and the Target team for really bringing all the design with them and making our things look so amazing !!