Pairing Wine and Cannabis With Tech


Wine and weed might not be the first combination you think of when it comes to pairings, but it is a duo making an impact on the alcohol and cannabis industries. Weed and wine are surprisingly similar: they contain complex aromatic compounds, unique flavor profiles, and full-bodied effects. These commonalities have opened up new opportunities for these industries and their consumers. 

Technology has a growing influence on the development of this rising trend, with numerous wine pairing and weed strain apps offering what pairings may be best. AI programs and apps help users elevate their tasting experience by taking the capacity for human sensory error out of the equation. With experience and the newest technology, you can find the perfect pairing of wine and cannabis to enjoy safely.

Pairing Wine and Cannabis Plus Technology

Wine and cannabis share multiple common elements. Tannins, astringent and bitter compounds derived from grape seeds, stems, and skins, impact wine flavors. Cannabis derives its flavors from terpenes, which, when combined with cannabinoids, enhance its overall taste. Another similarity between weed and wine is terroir.  It involves environmental factors that influence the growth of plants and shape their unique aromas and flavors.

With the advent of wine and weed pairings, apps and AI programs can assist both industries in selling products and reaching consumers. This technology determines the best flavor pairings based on terroir, terpenes, and tannins. The Internet of Things (IoT) AI-powered sensors are already used to monitor grape cultivation environmental conditions. AI programs are helping winemakers analyze, create, and pair perfect wines personalized to the consumer’s taste. AI is also emerging as a valuable tool for pairing cannabis and wine. 

An Emerging Industry: Pairing Apps and Websites

Consumers confronted by an overwhelming amount of flavor options can quickly become intimidated.  That’s where websites and apps for cannabis and wine come into play, allowing consumers to have a pairing guide for their flavor-filled journey. 

Sites like Leafly and The Herb Somm offer easily accessible wine and cannabis pairing guides. Consumers can discover new wines and weed strains that match their taste preferences while winemakers and cannabis growers gain valuable retail data. 

Apps that feature wine and weed pairings are on the horizon. Consumers can now use the flavor guides on various wine and cannabis apps to find combinations that work well together. 

The Art of Pairing Wine and Cannabis

Approach pairing cannabis and wine the same way you would wine and food. First, identify the flavor profiles and aromas of the weed and wine. Wine and marijuana terpene scents, like earth, pine, citrus, and floral, often overlap. The goal is to find a combination that matches the aromas of the terpenes. 

Cannabis has two strains: indica, which promotes relaxation, and sativa, which has energizing and uplifting effects. Hybrid strains are also available. Pair the appropriate strains with wine that enhance the mood you want. 

White wines are sweet, light, and subtle; red wines have a dry, deep flavor with fruity notes, such as spice and berries. Rosé wines have neutral flavors and higher acidity and pair best with floral or citrus cannabis terpene profiles. Follow a basic rule: pair bolder cannabis strains with red and lighter strains with white wines. 

There is no right or wrong with wine and weed pairings. Don’t be afraid to experiment, as there are countless combinations and opportunities to find flavors that work together.

The Responsible Use of Wine and Cannabis

While you can have fun pairing cannabis and weed, you need to be careful. Both marijuana and alcohol separately impair coordination, motor skills, and judgment. In particular, alcohol impacts the body by targeting the central nervous system, affecting one’s ability to think and control emotions. Together, these drugs amplify their respective physical and mental effects.

Avoid drinking wine before smoking, as it causes elevated THC effects and a condition called green out. While green out produces a more potent “high,” it causes nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and sweating. Drinking alcohol affects your brain functions, as it causes your brain to use serotonin at a faster rate. Know your state’s laws regarding legal substance use, as laws and policies concerning wine and weed vastly differ from one state to another.

Whether you are new or a seasoned pro, taking this process slowly is essential. Take sips of wine and puffs of cannabis so you can savor the flavors dancing across your palate. Drinking wine while smoking is risky, so indulge in a safe location amongst people you trust. 

A Winning Combination

The advent of AI and new apps that include wine and weed pairings guides will happen any moment now. When pairing cannabis and wine, be patient and take it slowly so you can enjoy all the aromas and flavors. Don’t exceed your limits, and safely enjoy pairing the right wine and cannabis strain.