Review of January 2022 Zoella Book Club: Wahala By Nikki May


The hottest debut of 2022 Wahala certainly gave us something to smile about this January.

The draft poured out of Nikki May in six months and when you get to know the characters, you’ll understand why.

The story of three thirty-something women, Simi, Simi, and Boo of mixed Nigerian heritage is the heart of the book. Ronke longs for a happy ever after with a man like her late father. Boo has everything Ronke wants – the 5-year-old daughter, the kind husband, the dream house – but she’s unfulfilled and plagued by guilt. Then there’s Simi, she’s got an amazing job and an even more amazing wardrobe but she’s crippled by imposter syndrome and her husband thinks they’re trying for a baby but she’s still on birth control…

Then the glamorous Isobel, an old friend of Simi’s, explodes onto the scene like a wrecking ball. At first, it seems she’s got everyone’s best interests at heart, she goes running with Boo, she gets Simi an interview in Shanghai but her real motive for infiltrating this friendship group and causing Wahala (which means trouble in Yoruba) propels the narrative all the way to the explosive final chapters.

Keep reading to find the team’s reviews on this razor-sharp debut from a brilliant new voice!

The Synopsis

Ronke Simi, Boo and Simi are three mixed-race friends that live in London. They share the gift of both English and Nigerian cultures. It is not the only way they see it.
Although racism is not something that has held them back, their futures are in doubt now that they are in their thirties. Ronke is looking for a husband (he must have Nigerian origin); Boo loves (correction: continues) staying-at-home motherhood; Simi, who has fashion career aspirations, looks at her boss and refers to her urban vibe once again.

Isobel, their lethally glamorous former friend, arrives in town and is determined to make their lives better. Soon, cracks begin to emerge in their friendship and it becomes clear that Isobel isn’t just wrecking but also sorting. The women must confront a past crime that might have happened again when Isobel is forced to commit a horrible act.

This hilarious, explosive, and highly entertaining tale about love, race, and family will make you laugh, cry, and gasp in horror. The spellbinding story is fearlessly political about class, colourism, and clothes. Wahala is for anyone who has ever cherished friendship, in all its forms.