Study: Using CBD for Addiction Helps Prevent Relapses


Ever Considered using CBD for Addiction?

One of the most overlooked benefits of CBD is its ability to combat drug and alcohol addiction.

“How could you even use CBD for addiction?” you’re probably asking.

And you’re completely right. At a glance, it seems pretty bizarre. And to be frank, some would even interpret it as a load of bs from companies just trying to sell more product.

I mean, how could CBD be used to treat so many diverse conditions, of all things addiction?

As bizarre as it may seem, there’s actually a ton of medical research backing the effectiveness of using CBD for addiction, and when you think about how CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), it all makes sense.

The Study: One Week of CBD Prevents Relapses for Months

CBD for addiction study
In a recent case study, researchers ran a series of tests to determine the “anti-relapse” potential of transdermal CBD. In the study, researchers administered transdermal CBD to animal subjects who had a history of self-administering cocaine or alcohol and exhibited characteristics of a relapsing addict such as dependency, anxiety, and impulsivity.

After administering CBD once every 24 hours for just seven days, the researchers made a profound discovery.

Based on their test results, the researchers concluded that the brief 7-day period of CBD treatment not only prevented the development of previously displayed “addict-like” characteristics, it deterred the subject’s from relapsing for 5 months – even though the CBD cleared from the brain and body after 3 days.

So not only is CBD effective in preventing relapses in drug and alcohol addicts, the benefits it provides are long-lasting which is crucial when fighting substance addiction.

The Evidence is Piling Up

Now, sure, the results from a single study are not adequate evidence to validate the effectiveness of CBD in preventing relapses; however, this is not the case of just a single study. There are many other studies from very credible research teams who have run similar tests and found the same results.

Friedbert Weiss, the lead researcher at Scripps Research Institute, stated that this study provides “proof of principle supporting the potential of CBD in relapse prevention.”

With substance addiction being such a huge problem in the world today, this a huge breakthrough that could help thousands of people recover from addiction.

And this is just one of over fifty benefits research has shown CBD can provide.

CBD prevents addictionCan you imagine how many lives CBD can change if more people just knew about it or were more open-minded towards it? Countless lives.

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