The advantages of hiring a business lawyer


Knowing where to spend your money as a small business can be difficult. But there are areas like your accounting or the law that cannot be doubted as a must-have.

Small businesses make big mistakes from time to time, and those big mistakes can have catastrophic results. If you think your commercial lawyer is just as important as insurance. They have both if you need them – but lawyers bring a lot to the table.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of hiring a business lawyer like Manfred Sternberg & Associates.

The right corporate structure

One question that many companies will face is deciding which form of business formation is right for them. All business structures have their own benefits and it can be confusing to choose the one that suits your needs.

A business lawyer can assess what you do, how you do it, potential growth and liabilities.

Valuation is possibly one of the most important things you spend money on.


In the early days, you might want to print out a contract from the internet – or even try to write one yourself. The problem is that it may not be a good fit for your business, or worse, there are many loopholes and problems with it.

Contracts aren’t just about binding clients to work; They also protect you in case something should happen. A business lawyer can ensure that all of your contracts are airtight, they make sense for your business, and everything that should be in them is in place.


When business is going well and you decide to buy or lease a property to do business, a lawyer should first review the contract.

Ownership agreements and contracts can be lengthy in nature, and people often overlook the fine print. However, it’s within that fine print that you may have to pay for expensive repairs, additional expenses, or fines for violating regulations you weren’t aware of.


Depending on your industry, it may be important to consider your risk factors for lawsuits. These can be complaints from current or former employees or customers. Either way, to ensure you limit your risk, having a proactive attorney by your side will prevent or reduce the impact of litigation on your business.

Intellectual property

It has happened many times in business and is likely to happen many more. A business owner creates great brands, logos, websites, TOV, products and more. Someone else comes along and steals every piece of the idea and makes it their own.

A business lawyer can ensure that you own copyrights, trademarks and patents, if any – which is yours.

Commercial lawyers are at your side and ensure that your intellectual property is protected.

Finally, as your business grows, your business attorney can help you with corporate restructuring, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.

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