Times You May Need to Hire a Lawyer (who are non-criminal)


It is often believed that lawyers are only needed once you have committed a crime. However, this is not always the case, and there are a variety of reasons why you may need a lawyer unrelated to the commission of a crime. The law affects every aspect of your life, whether you know it or not. If you’re involved in an accident, starting a business, getting married, or getting divorced, the law sets the rules.

Whether you are stuck in a difficult situation or need help moving forward, here are some of the reasons you might need to hire an attorney.

# 1 You have made a decision to start a business

Whether you’re starting a sideline or a full-blown business, consider hiring a lawyer. Navigating the business world can be complex and, for example, failure to follow certain rules, not obtain licenses and permits, not file taxes properly, can face severe penalties and fines. A lawyer can ensure that you are correctly and legally setting up your business and that the activities you are performing, including drawing up contracts, registering your company, and developing your corporate structure, are all on the right track.

# 2 You’re getting a divorce

If you’re getting a divorce and it’s not very consensual, you can hire a lawyer. An attorney, even if the divorce comes on good terms, can be helpful when it comes to children, property, assets, investments, debts, savings, and a host of other things. The attorneys will be able to deal with the complex legal issues and ensure that each party receives a fair share of the matter. It can get very stressful and hot when it comes to personal items and children, which is why third parties like attorneys can come in handy in keeping a fresh perspective and keeping the case on track.

# 3 You suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault

If you have been injured during an operation or diagnosis due to negligence on behalf of another person, such as a doctor, you can consider seeking the help of medical malpractice attorneys. There are complex legal rules and processes involved in filing a negligence claim, and an attorney can help you get your bearings. You will also be armed with the money and resources to do the paperwork, take out insurance, collect evidence, speak to witnesses and experts, and much more. They also have the ability to negotiate a good compensation arrangement for you to cover your medical expenses, medical bills, and lost earnings.

# 4 You file for bankruptcy

If you are filing for bankruptcy, a lawyer can help. Although the cost is higher, the process becomes much smoother and more efficient. Debt can be a stressful business for anyone and a lawyer will play the middle ground in getting you the best deals and comparisons, and helping you deal with any harassment from aggressive credit firms.

Lawyers are employed in many other areas of life, not just crime. You might want to hire an attorney if you are planning major life changes or planning future life events.