Top 10 mood tracker apps for Android


Best Daylio Mood Tracker Apps for Android

Mood tracking is a potentially valuable tool for mental health. You can keep an eye out for a long period of time to see new trends in their behavior. After all, a better understanding of your mood can help you better manage your feelings. There are various ways to do it and people have done it for years with the help of diaries or diaries. Your phone can help too. Here are the best mood tracker apps for Android.

Best mood tracker apps for Android


Price: Free / $ 0.99 per month / $ 3.49 per year

Chiku screenshot

Chiku is a combination of a mood app and a journal app. It works mainly as a journal app, but it also has a function where you can record your mood and feelings every day. The app also gives you a mental health rating, so you know if things are out of control and you may need help.

There are also dating, a community, and a few other things. It works quite well and is especially good if you want to keep a journal as well as a mood app. You need a subscription to unlock all the features. We recommend diving down on the annual subscription, as it is about a quarter of the cost of a long-term monthly subscription.


Price: Free / $ 1.99 per month / $ 8.99 per year / $ 19.99 one time

Screenshot of DailyBean 2021

DailyBean is another journal app with a strong element of humor. You have the usual things to keep in a journal, but you have some cool tools to help you keep track of your long-term mood. In particular, we like the calendar view shown in the screenshots above. You can see where your good and bad days went at a glance.

In terms of organizing your mood and feelings, DailyBean is definitely one of the best. There is a subscription to unlock some of the additional features, but we appreciate that there is also a one-time payment option, even if it is a bit pricey.


Price: Free / Up to $ 3.99

Daylio is one of the most popular journaling apps for Android. It also works great as a mood app. In fact, it’s good to track just about anything if you’re creative. In either case, you can keep a journal of your moods, feelings, and even things like exercise and eating habits. It allows you to choose a mood and then add various activities, so you can see what made you feel happy, angry, sad, etc.

It’s pretty polished with lots of ways to customize the app and lots to choose from. You can even export to CSV or PDF to share or backup your life. This one is also free via Google Play Pass if you use it.


Price: Free / $ 0.99 per month / $ 10.99 one time

EMoods 2021 Screenshot

eMoods is one of the simplest mood tracker apps on the list. It has a simple user interface with a notable lack of flashy features that some people may enjoy more. The app also has a high degree of customization (for this type of app), various mood tags, and statistics to show your average mood over a period of time. You can also add your own moods if the ones provided don’t tell the whole story.

It works quite well. Like DailyBean, there is a subscription option with a one-time purchase price if you want to go that route. We always appreciate when apps do that.


Price: $ 1.99

Screenshot of iMoodJournal 2021

iMoodJournal is another less complicated option for mood tracking apps. It does the basics, like tracking your mood with graphs and charts to show you changes over a longer period of time. Use a much simpler scale to ask if things are good or bad that day. You can elaborate more using the app’s hashtag system. We like that it removes a lot of the extras to get to the point.

The backup and restore system is a bit outdated, but otherwise the app performed well in our tests. It costs $ 1.99 up front with no additional in-app purchases or subscriptions.


Price: Free / $ 3.49 per month / $ 16.99 for 6 months

MoodFlow 2021 Screenshot

Moodflow is definitely an all-in-one style mood tracker app. It has many features and allows you to track things like your mood, feelings, activities, symptoms (for people with chronic diseases), and more. It also allows you to do things like add photos to better preserve memories. The process is quite simple and you can see your mood swings for a longer period of time.

It’s one of the more expensive options on the list, and one of the few that doesn’t have a unique price tag. However, you get quite a few features with a sleek user interface and consistent updates.


Price: Free / $ 0.99

Moodtrack screenshot

Moodtrack Social Diary is another simple mood tracker app with some fun features. You can track your mood several times a day, which is good if you have mood swings. The app works offline with easy sharing features, daily reminders, cross-platform support with your PC, and more. As you can see from the screenshots, it is not the prettiest app, but the functionality is definitely there.

The premium version costs just $ 0.99, so it’s also a good option for those on a budget.


Price: Free / $ 1.49

2021 Pixel Screenshot

Pixels is a mood app that prides itself on its minimalist approach. It doesn’t have flashy graphics, but it does have enough to make the app feel modern. You can easily and quickly keep track of your mood with little advertising messages to remind yourself why you felt a certain way. It has a calendar where you can see your emotions for a longer period of time.

Some additional features include daily reminders, an annual overview of your mood swings, and a few theme options. It is also quite cheap and is a good option for people on a budget.


Price: Free / $ 17- $ 46

Tochi is a reasonably decent mood tracker. Use a cute little animal and colorful graphics to make mood tracking a little more comfortable. You can track your mood several times a day and receive multiple daily reminders if you need them. Some other features include stats on your mood inputs, yearly mood summaries, and can help you develop new, hopefully healthier habits.

This one has a premium price tag, but it’s one of the more expensive premium apps on the list. It undercuts a subscription for a few years, but it’s a little steep up front.


Price: Free / $ 9.99 per month / $ 59.99 per year

VOS calls itself a wellness app and includes mood tracking, sleep tracking, diary, and mental health tracking. The app lets you monitor all of those things while also providing breathing exercises for anxiety attacks and even a chat feature if you need to talk to someone. The features are a bit extreme, but they seem designed for people who need a little more help than others, which is perfectly fine.

As such, it is also the most expensive app on the annual subscription list. There is a 7-day free trial, so you can try it out first. Fortunately, you get what you pay for, but people who don’t need all the bells and whistles can probably get by with a less expensive app.

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