Ukraine: WAR BULLETIN April 8, 6.30 pm EST


Embassy of Ukraine in the USA



April 8, 6.30 pm EST





General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The forty-fourth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to Russian military invasion continues.

The armed forces of the Russian Federation continue to conduct a full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine. The Russian forces are being prepared for an offensive operation in the east of Ukraine.

The Russian occupiers continue to destroy civilian infrastructure by launching missile and artillery strikes at railway junctions and roads, stations, residential areas and places of evacuation of civilians.

In the Donetsk and Tavriya directions, Russia continues to increase the number of troops.

The Russian occupiers did not abandon attempts at an offensive in the direction of Popasna and Severodonetsk. All of the attempts have been unsuccessful.

In the Pivdennobuzhsky direction, the enemy fought in the area of the settlement of Oleksandrivka.

In the Slobozhansky direction, the Russians continued to blockade the city of Kharkiv, shelling residential neighborhoods using artillery, including multiple rocket launchers and large-caliber mortars.

The Russian occupiers completely withdrew their troops from the Sumy region, relocating the forces to the territory of Russian Federation.

The Russian enemy has significant problems with the recruitment of military units that suffered significant losses during hostilities in Ukraine. According to available information, more than 80 percent of the Russian personnel, that was involved in the war since 24th of February, do not want to take part in further hostilities. The commanders of the occupying Russian forces of the occupiers forbade the release of servicemen whose contracts had expired before the end of the so-called “special military operation”.

In the temporarily occupied territories, the enemy continues to violate international humanitarian law by committing illegal acts against civilians, including looting, theft of vehicles and detention of Ukrainian citizens.

The Russian occupying authorities in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region have received instructions from Russian curators to return to these territories the people who left for the Russian Federation in January-February 2022. According to the instructions of local administrations, citizens must return to the settlements at the place of registration / residence after two months of stay in Russia.


Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has acquired the list of servicemen of Khabarovsk Rosguard who took part in genocide of the Ukrainian people in the Kyiv region (Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka and other settlements).

List of the Russian soldiers:


A unit of Russian special forces with experience in Syrian hostilities, in full, refused to participate in further attempts to storm Mariupol. In the battles against the Armed Forces of Ukraine from April 2 to 4, this unit lost about 30 servicemen.


Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine

The Russian military tortured and then set on fire three local residents during the occupation of Gusarivka, Izium district. In order to destroy traces of their crimes, the Russian military covered their bodies with car tires before setting them on fire.

After the liberation of the village from the Russian invaders on April 7, 2022, the remains of the dead were found in the basement of one of the houses.


On 8 April 2022, in violation of international humanitarian law, the Russian armed forces carried out missile strikes on the railway station in Kramatorsk. At the time, the population was being evacuated and nearly 4,000 civilians, most of them women and children, were at the railway station. According to preliminary reports, dozens of people were killed and injured.


Exhumation of bodies from the place of mass temporary burial began in Bucha.

There is a big grave near the church – communal workers buried in it the victims of war crimes – those who died after the shelling and murder. Approximately 67 bodies here.

Each is examined by forensic experts, forensic scientists, investigators and prosecutors. Of those who were examined, most were with gunshots and shrapnel wounds from explosions, in some cases only fragments of bodies remained.


Borodyanka is the most destroyed town in Kyiv region: it was hit by unguided 250-kilogram high-explosive bombs, multiple rocket launchers “Urgan” and “Smerch”. Evidence of Russian war crimes is here at every turn. How many casualties there will be is hard to predict. Twenty-six bodies were extracted from under the rubble of two bombed-out apartment blocks alone. The airstrikes on the housing infrastructure were insidiously launched by the enemy in the evening, when there was the maximum number of people at home. The target was exclusively civilians – there are no military installations there.

The occupants purposefully exterminated the civilian population: killing, torturing and mutilating. There is already a confirmed case of sexual violence in Borodyanka here.

In Motyzhyn a woman was killed by the Russians just because she was wearing black. The murdered woman’s father was blindfolded in a shed for 7 days. Also there in Motyzhyn, Russian army intelligence checked people’s phones, selecting victims for so-called “denazification”.


Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights

As of 10 a.m. on April 8, 2022, according to the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations, as well as other sources that need confirmation, 169 (+2 per day) children have died and 306 children (+9 per day) have been injured since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.


The level of brutality of the Russian army knows no bounds – multiple cases of raped children.

A 14-year-old girl was raped by 5 occupying men.  She is pregnant now.  Bucha.

An 11-year-old boy was raped in front of his mother – she was tied to a chair to watch.  Bucha.

A 20-year-old woman, raped by three occupiers in all possible ways at once.  Irpen.

There is no place on earth or in hell where racist criminals can hide from retribution!


The price of the truth about the crimes of the Russian terrorist army – a Fox News journalist who came under fire from the occupiers in Kyiv region, lost part of his leg and went blind in one eye.

On March 16, a shell hit a car in the village of Gorenka, Kyiv Oblast, as a result of artillery shelling by racist forces. The injuries killed the operator of the American TV channel “Fox News”, an Irish citizen Pierre Zakzewski, and fatally injured a journalist – a citizen of Ukraine Oleksandra Kuvshinova.

A British journalist, Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall was injured and taken to the capital’s medical facility.

As a result of the attack, the journalist lost half a leg on one side and a foot on the other.  One eye can no longer see, hearing has deteriorated.

Benjamin believes that he is still very lucky and expresses gratitude to the Ukrainians who pulled him out and saved him.


Horrific sexual crimes committed by the Russian occupiers continue to be uncovered. In a village in Kherson region, Russian invaders raped a 16-year-old pregnant girl and a 78-year-old grandmother. The Prosecutor General’s Office has uncovered rapes not only of women, but also of men.


Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

In the Kyiv region, the guards of the National Guard of Ukraine found the official documentation of the Russian module of intelligence and control.


During the day, pyrotechnic units of the State Emergency Service detected and neutralized 6,393 explosive devices, an area of 346.79 hectares was inspected.

In total, 38,117 explosive devices and 417 kg of explosives, including 1,366 aviation bombs, have been neutralized since the beginning of the full-scale military invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine. The area of 6064 hectares was surveyed.





President of Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with the Prime Minister of Slovakia in Kyiv

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Eduard Heger who is on a visit to our country.

The President thanked the Slovak people and personally the Prime Minister of Slovakia for supporting Ukraine and providing real assistance in the form of weapons that strengthen our country’s defense capabilities in times of the Russian invasion.

“I want to thank the Slovak people and the Slovak Prime Minister not for the future, but for the present, for what they are doing for us during the war. Fully supporting us, our position, condemning the aggression of the Russian Federation not only in words, but also in deeds,” said the President of Ukraine.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted that he would not disclose details of this support and stressed that this was historically important assistance.

According to the Head of State, during today’s visit of Eduard Heger to Kyiv, the Prime Minister of Slovakia also held talks with Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal, and many important issues for the future of our state were discussed.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked the Slovak side for supporting Ukrainians who were forced to flee their homes due to Russia’s military invasion.

For his part, the Prime Minister of Slovakia thanked the President and the citizens of Ukraine who are fighting for the ideals of freedom and democracy, defending European values.

Eduard Heger noted that the Slovak Republic will continue to provide assistance to Ukraine, because the successful struggle of our country is a success for the whole of Europe. In particular, he focused on the defense support for the Ukrainian state.

The Prime Minister of Slovakia also stressed the importance of establishing a fund for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.


Address by the President of Ukraine

The 44th day of our defense against the Russian invasion is coming to an end. The 44th dark day. Russian troops launched a missile attack on the Kramatorsk railway station this morning. 38 people died on the spot. Another 12 people died in hospitals during the day. We lost five children. Dozens more heavily wounded remain in hospital.

This is another war crime of Russia, for which everyone involved will be held accountable.

Russian state propagandists were in such a hurry to shift responsibility for the attack to Ukrainian forces that they accidentally blamed Russia.

RIA Novosti reported that the strike on Kramatorsk had been inflicted when the missiles were still in the air. The day before, other Russian propagandists were spreading threats to all those who escaped from Donbas by rail.

All the world’s leading powers have already condemned Russia’s attack on Kramatorsk. We expect a firm, global response to this war crime.

Like the massacre in Bucha, like many other Russian war crimes, the missile strike on Kramatorsk must be one of the charges at the tribunal, which is bound to happen.

All the efforts of the world will be aimed to establish every minute: who did what, who gave orders. Where did the rocket come from, who was carrying it, who gave the order and how the strike was coordinated. Responsibility is inevitable.

I spoke about this today with representatives of the European Union who arrived in Kyiv. With President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell.

During the day, they visited Bucha and witnessed the consequences of the occupation. They saw how many people were killed by the Russian military. I appreciate the EU’s readiness to provide the necessary financial and technical assistance to document and investigate Russian crimes. I am grateful to the President of the European Commission for her personal involvement and assistance in setting up a joint investigation team to establish the full truth about the actions of the Russian occupiers and bring all those responsible to justice.

I am also grateful for the financial support – one billion euros for weapons. Plus today we agreed on another 500 million euros for defense needs.

I held negotiations with the Prime Minister of Slovakia and thanked for the unprecedented defensive and other support. For the warmth of Slovak hearts towards Ukrainian men and women.

We also talked with EU officials about further steps to force Russia to seek peace. I emphasized that the existing sanctions are not enough. The pressure on Russia must be increased.

It is necessary to introduce a full energy embargo – on oil, on gas. It is energy exports that provide the lion’s share of Russia’s profits and allow the Russian leadership to believe in its impunity. This allows Russia to hope that the world will ignore the war crimes of its army. We will not allow this. Everyone in the world who has the courage, like Ukrainians, to resist tyranny will not allow this.


Russian banks must also be completely disconnected from the global financial system. Not some of them, but all, the entire banking system of Russia. It is inadmissible that the greatest threat to global security is finding its way to global wealth.

In this context, I also evaluate the new announced package of sanctions against Russia.

I believe the softness with which some in the West still treat the Russian state is wrong. We know who is constantly trying to soften sanctions proposals. And we will do our best to finally make Europe understand: in any case, you will have to impose really principled and really strong sanctions against Russia. And not some partial restriction of Russian energy exports. Not some partial restriction of Russian navigation. We know everyone who delays the decisions. But I am confident that both these politicians and these countries will change their position under the pressure of all that Russia is doing against Ukrainians and against freedom in Europe.

I addressed the Parliament and the people of Finland today. I called on Finnish politicians to do everything possible to help Ukraine. I also reminded that the best way to stop tyranny and protect freedom is to provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons. The weapons we have repeatedly asked for from the West. The weapons that are available there. I will continue to fight every day, literally every hour, to get everything our state needs.

Russia’s war against our people may end in victory of freedom much sooner than many in the world think if Ukraine simply receives the weapons the list of which we have provided. Any delay in providing such weapons to Ukraine, any excuses can mean only one thing: the relevant politicians want to help the Russian leadership more than us Ukrainians.

No matter what, we will continue to protect our land and our people in any case.

Yes, not everyone in the world has found the courage we have. But we have powerful and principled partners and friends. Real friends who help Ukraine to really protect us. To really protect freedom in Europe. I am convinced that Ukraine’s victory is only a matter of time. And I will do my best to reduce this time.

By the way, we also talked today about the time needed for Ukraine’s full accession to the European Union.

Today we received a questionnaire from the European Commission. Finally. A questionnaire the answers to which will be the basis for preparing the conclusion of the European Commission on Ukraine’s readiness for EU membership negotiations.

Our Government will prepare answers qualitatively and very quickly. I think in a week. Next is the conclusion of the European Commission, which will be prepared in the next few months. And then there will be the decisions of the member states and the negotiations on accession.

I am convinced of our success on this path. I am convinced that we are finally close to realizing our long-standing goal. Ukraine will be one of the equals in our common European home. Ukraine will be a member of the European Union. A peaceful, sovereign, rebuilt state. We will provide it. There is no doubt.

We are also preparing for tomorrow’s mass event in Warsaw, which will take place within the initiative of President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau – Stand for Ukraine.

It is about the support for Ukrainians, for our migrants. All funds will be allocated for the support of Ukrainians.


Address of the First Lady of Ukraine to the participants of the conference on the new Strategy for the Rights of the Child (2022-2027), which took place under the auspices of the Council of Europe.

In her address, the First Lady of Ukraine noted the importance of universal protection of children’s rights. She said that due to a full-scale Russian attack, Ukrainian children cannot exercise none of their rights.

Olena Zelenska thanked the Council of Europe, which responded immediately to the unjustified and unprovoked aggression of Russia against Ukraine, and on March 16 completed the procedure for excluding it from the organization.

At the same time, the President’s wife stated that the skies over Ukraine were never closed to Russian planes: “From the very beginning of the war, we asked NATO to close the skies over our cities, over Ukraine. We were not heard. Well, now I ask you to at least ensure the right of children to get out of danger. They need real humanitarian corridors, because now the enemy is shooting at civilian cars as well as at military ones.”

She also called on the participants to ensure, in accordance with the declared goal of “child-friendly justice”, an international investigation and punishment for all Russians who in one way or another have committed and continue to commit violence against children in Ukraine.

“But to this end, you need to know about such a threat. The right to know is also an inalienable right of adults and children,” the First Lady concluded.


Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine

Ukraine is actively working to consolidate international support for the restoration of destroyed and the construction of new youth infrastructure. This was stated by Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Dniprov during an online conversation with the leadership of the National Democratic Institute (NDI, USA), which was dedicated to the development of democracy and youth spaces in Ukrainian settlements affected by large-scale military aggression against Ukraine.

The meeting was also attended by NDI President Derek Mitchell, people’s deputy of Ukraine, co-chair of the Youth Council under the President of Ukraine Oleksandr Sanchenko, as well as heads and experts of European and Ukrainian NDI offices. The meeting was moderated by Denys Hanzha, member of the Youth Council under the President of Ukraine.

The participants of the event discussed the difficult humanitarian situation that has arisen as a result of the aggressive war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

During the meeting, in particular, the parties agreed on ways to coordinate efforts to develop youth policy in Ukraine, as well as discussed possible project areas that can be implemented in cooperation with the authorities, civil society and NDI.


Prime Minister of Ukraine

Prime Ministers of Ukraine and Slovakia have synchronized efforts to ramp up sanctions on Russia

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal discussed the increase of sanctions pressure on Russia, humanitarian aid and support on the way to joining the European Union with Prime Minister of Slovakia Eduard Heger.

Denys Shmyhal dwelled on the need to put into practice additional sanctions and restrictive measures against Russia.

“It is of utmost importance to introduce a so-called re-package of sanctions to prevent Russia from adapting and regulating the supply of sanctioned goods through other countries. This should have a decisive pressure on the aggressor, “the Head of the Ukrainian government stressed.

The sides, inter alia, discussed the establishment of the Reconstruction Fund and the Plan for the Recovery of Ukraine, as well as obtaining Ukraine’s candidate status for accession to the European Union.

“We will be grateful for the expert and technical assistance in the accelerated procedure of Ukraine’s accession to the European family,” said the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Eduard Heger assured that Slovakia is ready to support sanctions and expressed faith in Ukraine’s victory. The Slovak Prime Minister stressed that Ukraine is defending the future of Europe.


In Bucha, Kyiv region, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, High Representative of the European Union Josep Borrel and Prime Minister of Slovakia Eduard Heger paid tribute to innocent civilians

During an official visit to Ukraine, high-ranking EU officials and the head of the Slovak government saw the consequences of crimes committed by russian troops during the occupation of the town.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine


as of 19:00 on April 8

☑️ Sanctions

The EU Council has approved a fifth package of sanctions against Russia over its war against Ukraine. Restrictions include a ban on Russian coal imports from August this year and a ban on Russian ships accessing European ports.

🔺 the US imposes sanctions on leading Russian state-owned companies, including Alrosa, the world’s largest diamond miner

🔺 Daughters of Russian President Putin and Kremlin Foreign Minister Lavrov come under new British sanctions

🔺 Japan joins the US and EU countries by banning Russian coal imports

🔺 Montenegro imposed sanctions against Russia due to the military invasion of Ukraine

☑️ Deputinization of the world

🔺 Finland has announced its decision to expel two Russian embassy staff members

🔺 Japan expels eight Russian diplomats and trade representatives

🔺 46 UNESCO member states refuse to participate in the 45th session of UNESCO while it is headed by the Russian Federation

☑️ Isolation of the Russian Federation

🔺 Turkish Airlines cancels flights to and from Minsk until May 15, Sochi – until April 18, Rostov – until May 15

🔺 The American Corporation Air Products and Chemicals is developing a plan to sell its business in Russia

🔺 IT company Acer suspends operations in Russia

German food manufacturer Dr. Oetker is leaving the Russian market

🔺 Canadian professional investment management company Colliers International Group Inc suspends operations in Russia and Belarus




Ministry of energy of Ukraine

Information on energy supply in Ukraine as of April 8

Over the past 24 hours, power supply to more than 50,000 consumers has been restored.

In particular, in Donetsk region – more than 20 thousand consumers, Kyiv – more than 13 thousand, Kherson – 9 thousand, Kharkiv – 4 thousand, Sumy – 1,7 thousand, Zaporozhzhya – 1,6 thousand, Mykolayiv – 1,1 thousand consumers.

Gas supply was restored to 2,098 consumers.

Ukrainian energy companies are doing their best to quickly restore energy supply to Ukrainian citizens. However, in some areas, emergency recovery work is complicated or impossible due to the intensification of hostilities and the emergence of new damage.

As of April 8, 1173 settlements, a total of about 774 thousand consumers, remain without electricity. More than 303 000 consumers remain without gas supply.



The second month of the war is underway. The Ukrainian power system confidently keeps the balance between production and consumption and operates synchronously with ENTSO-E. The power grid frequency is 50 Hz. 

Electricity consumption has traditionally reduced with warming. But, despite the spring, the maximum and minimum consumption rates are stabilizing and even gradually increasing. This is largely due to the fact that power companies are actively restoring power lines and other grid infrastructure. Every day, repairs are carried out wherever the military allows and it is possible to get to the site of the damage.

In particular, NPC Ukrenergo has completed the repair of one of the trunk lines in Sumy region. According to the Ministry of Energy, over the past 24 hours, distribution system operators have reconnected more than 13.5 thousand consumers in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv, and Chernihiv regions.  

Ukrainian power plants operate according to the schedule and commands of dispatchers providing electricity to all Ukrainian consumers. We remind you that currently, there is no reason to reduce consumption. Therefore, if you are safe, please use electrical appliances as usually.


GTS Operator of Ukraine

The actions of Russian occupiers endanger the gas transit through GMS Sokhranivka


Novopskov EN (site)


Gas TSO of Ukraine (GTSOU) reports on gross interference by representatives of the Russian Federation and illegal armed groups under their control in operational work and technological processes of gas transportation through compressor station (CS) “Novopskov” in the Luhansk region.

CS “Novopskov” is an important object for the organization of gas transportation to consumers of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Also, almost 1/3 of gas transit to Europe via Ukraine is transported through this compressor station.

GTSOU recorded several actions by the occupiers, including changes in the operation of communication equipment and technological modes, which may result in the loss of operational control over the CS equipment. It will lead to significant risks to the integrity of the Ukrainian gas transmission system, the stability of gas transportation modes, and the impossibility of gas transportation through the CS, including gas volumes under the transit contract.

We call on the aggressor’s representatives to refrain from further pressure on GTSOU employees and interference in the CS operations. Otherwise, in case of loss of operational control, GTSOU will be forced to stop the operation of this facility to keep the integrity and safe operation of the Ukrainian GTS. Disconnection of the CS Novopskov means no transit through the GMS Sokhranivka. Responsibility for the consequences falls on the Russian Federation.