Expert Tips for Morning Arousal


Would you believe that morning sex can make you more of a morning person?

Science backs that both men and women are both aroused after a night’s sleep. Lee Wilson, a relationship coach explains that this is due to hormone release during rest hours.


“When you’re asleep, your brain and body use melatonin to keep you sleepy,” Wilson says. “Melatonin increases growth hormones, which have a direct impact on libido and arousal.”

Benefits of morning sex

The peak of human growth hormones is in the morning. Therefore, the body is physically primed to arouse.

Though you’re likely familiar with “morning wood,” the slang for an erect penis upon waking is medically called “nocturnal penile tumescence.” Women are also influenced by this increased libido as their clitoris becomes engorged overnight, says Searah Deysach, sex educator and owner of sex shop Early to Bed.

Strong relationships are characterized by morning sex as a routine part of their daily lives. “It’s embraced as the perfect way to start their day—intimately together,” says Wilson. You also get more energy and endorphins which can lead to some health benefits.

“Consider it your morning workout,” says Tami Rose, sex educator and owner of Romantic Adventures, an adult novelty store in Jackson, Mississippi. Rose adds that for men, it’s actually healthy for the male anatomy to ejaculate at least three times a week. Ejaculating more often may even reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer, according to some research.

“Consider it a good investment of your time to prevent possible prostate problems later in life,” says Rose. Rose adds that sex is also known to reduce stress, increase endorphins, stimulate oxytocin, one of the happy hormones, and lower blood pressure reactivity.

Good Morning Sex: Best Sex Positions

While there’s no right way to tackle morning sex, there are a few approaches that are certainly sexier than others—like taking your morning shower together and “rushing through the soaping and shampooing part of it,” says Wilson.

Deysach suggests spooning or side-by-side as natural, low-effort morning sex positions: “It keeps both partners lyying on the bed and allows lots of body contact.”

There’s also the route of waking your partner up with slow massage, kisses, or oral sex, says sexologist Caitlin V. Neal, stressing that if you choose this route, ensure consent by asking if your partner is comfortable with you touching them sexually before they’re totally awake. “For some people, being woken up with a tongue between their legs is a dream come true, for others it’s a nightmare,” says Neal.

Top Tips for Good Morning Sex (With Or Without a Partner).

Rose says that sometimes one partner is awake and the other is asleep. When this is the case, “Move slowly and deliberately to bring the other person up into consciousness.” And even if they’re mentally awake, sometimes the body hasn’t quite caught up yet, so be prepared to spend a little extra time on your partner, especially when it comes to women, says Neal.

She says that women may require more foreplay or specific types of touch to have sex in the morning. If this makes them feel rushed, they can set the alarm earlier. “Hopefully morning sex feels more like an opportunity for pleasure than a chore,” says Neal.

Finally, a morning orgasm isn’t reserved solely for couples. Solo masturbation sessions can elicit the same health advantages and mood boosters—and you’re in control of your orgasm to start the day, whether you opt for slow, sensual masturbation or use a sex toy. Deysach suggests that women get a plug in wand massager while Neal suggests a masturbation sleeve, particularly for men, the Tenga Flip Series.

“Guys deserve to have an up-leveled solo play experience just as women have openly enjoyed for years,” says Neal, who also reminds not to forget the lube! “It helps enhance sensation and prevent delayed ejaculation caused by too much friction during masturbation.”

Do you think that tomorrow’s alarm will be set a little earlier?