Exploring the Best Outdoor Activities for the Holiday Season


The holiday season has arrived, transforming our world into a winter wonderland. There’s an enchantment in the air. It’s not just because of the sparkling lights and festive decorations. Nature itself beckons us to embrace the outdoors and add a touch of magic to our holiday adventures.

In this post, we’ll delve into some outdoor activities that are perfect for this time of year.

Winter Hiking and Nature Walks

Who says winter is only meant for cozying up indoors? Winter hiking offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the season. Picture stepping out into a landscape transformed into a paradise – it truly is an experience.

Tips for Safe Winter Hiking

While we all enjoy a winter hike, safety should always come first! Here are some guidelines to ensure your hikes are both breathtaking and secure:

  • Dress in layers. Find that balance between warmth and avoiding overheating.
  • Choose appropriate boots. Opt for ones with excellent traction and guaranteed dryness.
  • Stay informed about weather conditions and trail updates. No one likes surprises!
  • Pack essentials. Don’t forget water and snacks; they’re non-negotiable.
  • Remember to bring your camera along – those views deserve to be immortalized on Instagram!

Seasonal Outdoor Attractions

The holiday season is more than just going on hikes. It’s a time to discover those places that truly capture the spirit — places like family parks where the holiday joy’s in full swing.

Talking about must-visit spots, the Branson Ferris Wheel is a game changer. It’s the attraction of Christmas at the tracks giving you breathtaking views of twinkling holiday lights and the vibrant energy of celebrations – an experience that will both excite and warm your heart.

Ice Skating Adventures

When it comes to the holidays, local ice rinks dress up in their holiday attire. They offer opportunities for family fun days or even enchanting date nights.

Skating Tips for All Ages

Ice skating is an activity that everyone can enjoy whether you’re a beginner or have been doing it for years. Here are some tips to ensure your time on the ice is both safe and incredibly enjoyable:

  • For Beginners: Take your time. Find your rhythm as you glide along.
  • Safety First: Remember that helmets and protective pads are not accessories but essential gear.
  • Warm-up Routines: Make sure to stretch before hitting the ice to avoid any injuries.
  • Stay Vigilant: Since multiple skaters share the space, always be watchful and mindful of others around you.

Sledding and Snow Tubing Fun

What would winter be without the exhilaration of sledding or snow tubing down a hill? It’s like the winter version of roller coasters, providing fun for families, friends, and anyone seeking some holiday excitement.

The key to the best sledding or tubing experience lies in finding the right location. Look for parks that offer different slopes—gentle ones for beginners or families with young children and steeper ones for those craving a bit more thrill.


That wraps up our guide to outdoor activities to try this holiday season. Remember, it’s not about braving the cold or ticking items off a checklist. It’s about the warmth and joy these shared experiences bring. Let’s make this holiday season one for the books with these unforgettable outdoor adventures!