Matthew Perry’s Ex Thinks His Doctors Should Be Investigated After Toxicology Report Shocker


Following Matthew Perry‘s shocking toxicology report, an ex-girlfriend is speaking out — and she has some very strong opinions.

The medical examiner determined the Friends star had died from “the acute effects of ketamine.” It was devastating news that after millions spent battling his addiction, drugs cost him his life in the end. Of course, ketamine was something he was prescribed by doctors — he underwent infusion therapy regularly. Apparently he had been doing it every other day, until about six months ago when a doctor advised he could lower the frequency of his visits. His most recent infusion on record had been a week and a half prior to his death.

But the report mentions ketamine has a half-life of just hours, not days. Because of the “high levels of ketamine found in his postmortem blood specimens,” he had to have taken it that morning.

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This has led many to speculate he had become addicted to the drug and was either using it recreationally or self-medicating behind his doctor’s back. Like we said, devastating if true. But someone thinks they know who’s really to blame. Kayti Edwards, who has spoken before about dating Matthew during his lowest points, blames doctors for giving him so much ketamine they got him addicted again! She explained to The US Sun over the weekend:

“I’m pretty sure that in Matthew’s brain ketamine infusions at a doctor’s would count as still being sober. In his brain it’s not the same as going on the street to buy crack or heroin. That probably was the stepping stone for him to go back to doing drugs.”

We don’t know if that’s true, but we agree with Kayti’s next point:

“I think the doctors who had been working with Matthew should be investigated.”

Yeah, the tox report certainly raises a lot of questions which should be answered. Where did he get the ketamine if he took it that day? Did he have a secret appointment with a doctor? Kayti said:

“I’m pretty sure he would have had an in with a doctor. It’s very hard to get ketamine on the street but it is very easy for a doctor or a nurse to get.”


Kayti has speculated since Matty’s death that he had relapsed. And she views the report as corroboration of her assumptions:

“I wasn’t surprised when the medical examiner’s report dropped. I already knew what it was so it wasn’t shocking to me. I wasn’t there so I don’t know exactly what happened but I do know Matthew as a person and a friend and I know the patterns that led up to this. I could see it from a mile away, he didn’t seem right during the last couple weeks of his life.”

Why didn’t anyone else see it? She explained:

“The sober people who knew him have never hung out with him when he was getting high so they wouldn’t know the signs.”

It’s a fair possibility. But we would caution once again that Matthew Perry never confirmed he dated Kayti — and she’s been speaking about it for years.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do the doctors need to be investigated?

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