INTERVIEW: ‘Mind Body Wealth’ Podcast Host Lauren Simmons Preaches That Anyone (Even You) Can Make Lots Of Money | News


If you’re ready to get your financial life in order, you might want to head over to Spotify to listen to Lauren Simmons‘ latest podcast Mind Body Wealth.

Simmons made history four years ago as the New York Stock Exchange’s youngest stock trader, and only the second African American to hit the floor at the age of 23. Now, she is taking her experiences from Wall Street and beyond to help millennials and others have intimate conversations about money. Her show features a variety of guests with bold conversations about how they can put their minds and bodies in sync to make the soundest decisions about personal finances.

“I do truly truly believe in my heart-of-hearts that anyone from any background and circumstance can make a lot of money. But we often see that when people make a lot of money, especially coming from meager beginnings, they lose all that money within one to three years, right,” Simmons says in an interview with

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When it comes to dismantling the taboo feelings many people of color have when it comes to talking about money, Simmons believes if you can have girl talk or sit with the fellas to discuss sex, intimacy, religion or even politics, then money should be nothing but a thing.

“The more we put power into not making money a taboo conversation, the more that we can start having a working relationship with money. We have to stop having these negative fear based reactions to money and replace them with positive reactions where we could actually start creating that wealth mindset,” she says. “Especially when it comes to the minority community where a lot of our self-worth is tied into the clothes we wear, the shoes we wear, and the titles [we have]. If we can just change a fraction of that, then we can be instrumental to closing the wealth gap, and changing the future of money, especially when it comes to minorities and women.”

With three episodes already available to stream on Spotify and a new digital series, Going Public, on starting on October 19, Simmons is putting all millennial money topics on the table and will discuss credit scores, debt, luxury brand shopping, imposter syndrome and more across 24 episodes of Mind Body Wealth.

“The conversation isn’t about how quickly we can get rich or what stock you invest in, but it is having these open discussions about having this wealth mindset and how the mind, body, is all interconnected,” the now 27-year- old states.

While her financial tips are always in order, Simmons also understands the importance of rewarding oneself and splurging a bit when she can. And although she considers herself to be a minimalist when it comes to her big purchases, traveling and spending time with her loved ones have resulted in some of the most monumental moments in her life.

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“I’m all about experiences, and having people share my experiences so for my sisters 16th birthday I surprised her [with a trip] to Paris and we spent a week out there. It was just a beautiful thing to do,” remarked Simmons. “I don’t have that much time so it’s nice to be with family and friends and to be in these intimate settings and to be able to just be together.”

Be sure to listen to Mind Body Wealth with Lauren Simmons here. New episodes drop weekly every Wednesday on Spotify.