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Russia: A nuclear strike would turn Germany into a wasteland

Putin has warned that he is ready to take “military action” in response to Western “antipathy” action in Ukraine, in the clearest signal so far that the Russian strongman is preparing for war. The Russian president, speaking at a meeting at the defense ministry on Tuesday, said Russia would “react harshly to hostile measures” and stressed “we have every right to do so.” On Monday, Dmitry Kiselyov, a Russian media mogul, threatened to “put a gun to the head of the United States” if NATO forces were stationed in Ukraine and warned the alliance to withdraw “in case otherwise, everyone will turn to radioactive ash. “

The United States has been warning for weeks that Putin appears to be preparing tens of thousands of troops, tanks and artillery pieces to invade Ukraine, but Putin has insisted it is just a defense force, so far.

He spoke a few days after Russia issued a list of demands to NATO, including that Ukraine should never be allowed to join the alliance and that its forces withdraw from the former Soviet states.

Continuing his fiery rhetoric, Putin said, “We need legally binding long-term guarantees,” although he warned that the United States is not out of words.

He added: “The United States is easily withdrawing from all international treaties that for one reason or another are of little interest to it.”

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin warns of the dire consequences for Ukraine (Image: Getty)

Putin examines military hardware

The President has promised to work hard with Ukraine (Image: Getty)

Saying that Russia must act in the same way, the president said: “What is happening, this tension that is accumulating in Europe, is his fault, every step that Russia had to respond in some way.

“At every turn, the situation got worse and worse, degraded and degraded. And today we are in a situation where we have to decide something. “

Russia “cannot allow” the West to lay down its arms so close to Moscow, he added.

The president concluded: “If this infrastructure moves, if the US and NATO missile systems appear in Ukraine, its flight time to Moscow will be reduced from seven to 10 minutes, and with the deployment of weapons. hypersonic – to five “.

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Putin is sitting on a battle map

Plans seem to show Russia’s plan for Ukraine (Image: Getty)


Russia shows the latest military drone (Image: Getty)

The Kremlin said today that high-level talks were being held between the US and Russia on the list of demands, but said no agreement had yet been reached.

The White House has said it will consult with NATO allies on the demands, but is unwilling to make any promises.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk yesterday, Professor Richard Sakwa of the University of Kent said that only the US and Russia could solve the ongoing problem, with NATO and the EU “irrelevant” in the emerging conflict.

Some have warned of the risk of a repeat of Cuba’s missile crisis if NATO deploys missiles in regions where they can quickly attack Moscow.

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Russia v Ukraine

Russia v. Ukraine (Image: Daily Express)

This was also confirmed by Professor Sakwa, however, the Russian expert did not say that Russia or Ukraine would start a war, stating that diplomacy was the preferred option for all.

Meanwhile, a presenter from another state channel, Rossiya 1, warned viewers on Monday that “perhaps we are really on the brink of war with NATO.”

The presenter said: “The United States must sign its hegemony; their hegemony is over. ”

They added: “Either they take a step back voluntarily or we will force them. And Russia does not guarantee the survival of Ukraine, especially as a sovereign state. “

The presenter ended by saying, “Maybe we’re really on the eve of a war with NATO.”

Hypersonic Mssil

Russia has also threatened to use hypersonic missiles (Image: Getty)

Although senior diplomats in Russia and the United States have “discussed” the Kremlin’s demands, Moscow says it has not yet received a “substantive” response.

The White House has only said it will “discuss” the list with its allies, but added that Russia cannot be allowed to interfere in the security policy of other nations.

Amid rising tensions, Washington has warned all U.S. citizens not to travel to Ukraine because of the imminent threat of a Russian invasion.