11 Fashion Trends to Watch for in 2022


Hello hello! It wouldn’t be right to start off 2022 without talking about what trends we can expect to cross paths with this year. Since February is right around the corner, I figured I could just get this in under the wire. I created a fun trend report video on my YouTube channel to chat through some fashion trends that are casually waiting in the wings to make their grand debut this year. Whether that means they’ll make their way into your wardrobe or just your peripheral vision is up to you. Without further ado, here are 11 style trends to add to your wardrobe (or at least mentally prepare yourself for) in 2022.

Micro mini skirts

Remember when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were flaunting the ultra mini skirts that could easily be mistaken for belts? Well. They’re back! Get ready to show some major leg because these scandalously tiny skirts were popping up all over the runways last year. I know, I’m shocked too, but I actually like the idea of ​​trying this trend now while it’s cold out so that you can layer over a pair of tights with combat boots. If you’re feeling extra bold, try layering the mini on top of an oversized blouse dress so that the dress hangs out at the bottom. Could be a vibe, no?

The catsuit

I’m kind of into this new trend, which I’ve seen creeping up on Instagram. The catsuit is a skin tight, ski slope but make it urban one-piece getup with major attitude. I really think it can work with any body type depending on what you’re comfortable with and can be dressed down with a chunky boot or dressed up with heels.

Stirrup Pants

The stirrup pant trend is definitely a yes from me and I feel like they’re very easy to style in different ways. I even did a little video showing you how I styled them three ways so check that out for inspiration. These are essentially leggings with the stirrup strap at the bottom that you can wear inside or outside your shoe. They give off an effortlessly chic equestrian vibe with a splash of 80s nostalgia and I’m into it.

chain belts

I have yet to try this trend out, but I’m looking forward to getting my hands on my own chain belt. I love the idea of ​​adding jewelry details to an outfit to create an intriguing focal point. Chain belts really accent the midriff area and remind me of Chanel shows from the 80s.

Low-rise pants

It hurts me to admit that these ultra low rise pants are back, but here we are. I’ve seen some dangerously low pants on the runways and on social media, which takes me right back to the era of Frankie B pants. I’m a high-rise pant enthusiast myself, but knowing me, I’ll be trying it out sooner or later. Gulp.

bra tops

Clothes are shrinking, ladies. I’m all about balancing out the proportions of my look, which means choosing one erogenous zone and covering up everywhere else. I think the bra top could be very cute with some high-waisted trousers, an oversized blazer and some dad sneakers. It’s all about contrast.