Ayurveda expert on things to avoid during summer season

The hottest months of the year are upon us and this is the time when our immunity takes a hit and innate strength is on the lower side. Diseases and seasonal infections are rampant in hot weather and to prevent summer disorders, Ayurveda recommends certain changes in the routine that can keep one healthy and disease-free.  (Also read: Ayurveda expert on dos and don’ts for pets during summer season)

Ayurveda expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar in a recent Instagram post explains in detail what all things Ayurveda prohibits during the summer season. Should we store food in copper vessels during summer? Should we eat curd, a common accompaniment during meals when the weather is hot? What time is the best to step out in sun and what drinks one should consume to stay cool? Scroll down to know about the things you should never do in the summer season as per Ayurveda.

Dr Bhavsar says there are a few things Ayurveda suggests you to avoid during summers to save yourself from sunstroke and other summer issues like diarrhea, hypotension (low blood pressure), dehydration, acidity, headaches, burning sensation, etc.

1. Using copper utensils

The Ayurveda expert says drinking water stored in copper vessel is extremely healthy but not during summer as copper is heating in nature. She adds that people with acidity, inflammation, migraine, heat issues especially should avoid it. Dr Bhavsar suggests people to opt for water stored in earthern and silver vessels instead.

2. Consuming curd

While this may come as a surprise for many, but as per Dr Bhavsar, curd should be avoided during summer season as it is warm in nature and difficult to digest. The expert recommends easier to digest options like buttermilk and lassi instead of curd in summer season.

3. Excessive exercise

People tend to exercise more in summer as after months of hiding behind the layers in winter season, lesser clothes are worn during summer season which could expose all the extra flab that has been accumulated pushing people to work out more. However, Dr Bhavsar discourages people to indulge in excessive exercise is summer as it can lead to dehydration, fatigue and hypotension. She recommends calming yoga and pranayama practices in hot weather.

4. Sun exposure during the day

While daily exposure to sunlight is important for overall health in every season, in summer it is better to get early morning sunlight before 8 am and evening sunlight post 5 pm to get maximum health benefits.

“Exposure to sunlight daily is wonderful- it helps us produce Vitamin D, happy hormones, improves our mood and sleep, regulates our circadian rhythm etc. but during summer, exposure to sun during afternoon can give you sunstroke, dry skin, burning sensation on skin, headache, dehydration, diarrhoea, etc,” writes Dr Bhavsar.

5. Caffeine and carbonated beverages

According to the Ayurveda expert, caffeine creates more heat in the body leading to more inflammation. “So instead, it is recommended to have herbal cooling teas during summers. Carbonated beverages worsen dehydration and makes you feel more thirsty. They also contain sugar which leads to more weight gain (more calories) and lethargy,” Dr Bhavsar says. She recommends natural coolants like bael sharbat, fennel sharbat, vetiver water, coriander water (dhanyak hima) instead to keep cool.